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Angus McNae

Captain's Blog - 13th October 2011

I had my say on the whip issue yesterday and do not plan to alter my view or add to them but if you have an opinion whatever it may be please email the studio tonight. I will be there with James Willoughby to deal with all the action from Kempton Park and to handle your missives.

One thought for you to muse over is how will Champions Day be affected by the new rules. Surely it is odds-on we will see jockeys getting bans for breaching the rules and others rendered impotent in their efforts to win because of the rules. If one or either of these scenarios comes to fruition the headlines will not be about the racing I am afraid and that smacks of a glaring own goal!

There was yet more controversy at Wetherby yesterday as nine jockeys picked up bans for failing to adhere to a race stopping yellow flag which was being brandished due to a stricken horse being on the track. Whilst I have plenty of sympathy for jockeys when it comes to the whip debacle I am afraid in this instance a bright luminous yellow flag means race over and it must be adhered to. It is unfortunate that this has happened in the current climate but the jockeys involved should have known better.

On a lighter note a rather posh old lady came up to us in a shop yesterday and wanted some advice on buying a baby grow. I am not sure if I looked like a shop attendant but she seemed to think that because we had a pram with us we would know everything about the shop. She then proceeded to sound absolutely amazed that our little one was a girl and not a boy depite the fact that she was wearing a pink top and pink socks and answered to the name of Jessica. What bit of pink and Jessica did the horse-faced old bag not get? Anyway, I bit my tongue, showed her where the baby grows were like a proper shop assistant and left in a rage. Like most situations such as that you can always think what to say afterwards but I am rendered speechless in the face of such idiots.

Right time to get ready to head to the studio. Do join us this evening.


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3:00 Brighton - Cathcart Castle (each way)



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