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Saturday 26th April 2014

Beyer’s wise words compel us to bring down the Scoop 6

In 1990 Andy Beyer, the noted American speed figure expert, recognized that there was no edge any more for racetrack punters. 

The 'hunch' players were attracted elsewhere by State lotteries and the like. The speed figures that had given him an edge for years were now widely available and, in his words, by 1991 punting on horses in America had become "a battle of sharks against sharks, and it seemed unwinnable."

A similar situation exists today in the UK. There is so much information available to punters now that finding an edge is very tough – even without sectional timings. Couple that with the undoubted accuracy of the markets courtesy of the wisdom of crowds on the exchanges and you have a virtually unplayable medium.

The reference to sharks versus sharks can easily be applied here to the in-running boys with their fast pictures at racetracks, where they are essentially playing poker against each other every day because the hunch money that used to be in the in-running markets has gone. There is none of that for them to gobble up any more.

Beyer did not give up on the sport though. He found a way, and that way was through exotic wagering and a bet called the double triple, which is a twin trifecta. He found that by developing a strategy based on mathematical study this bet, and other multiple exotics, were offering an edge.

Wisely however he had these words for us. He felt that we must wait, "for the track to offer a worthy betting opportunity rather than to pursue a big jackpot."

Maybe his experience with the double triple shows us the way forward if we want to get out of that pool of sharks where wining is tough or even impossible.

With these thoughts in mind the biggest Scoop 6 ever is on offer today. Although it may struggle to prove it is a worthy betting opportunity, it is certainly a huge jackpot pool and I for one am going to have a go at my own modest level.

I am opting to chuck £36 at a perm more in hope than expectation.

If it all goes swimmingly this could be my last post. I suspect I will be back next week...

Angus McNae's Saturday Scoop 6 perm:

2.05  Sandown: Saint Jerome, Stephen Hero, Stiff Upper Lip

2.20 HaydockGramercy, Big Johnny D

2.50 Ripon: El Viento, Doc Hay

3.25 Haydock: Gabrial's Kaka

3.30 Ripon: Sizzler

3.50 Sandown: Same Difference/Burton Port/Bury Parade