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Angus McNae

Captain's Blog - 12th April 2011

Brough Scott made it onto the One Show last night to defend the Grand National. I am not a fan of the show but am a fan of Brough and I thought he did a good job even though the half hour duration of the programme was hardly long enough for him to get his point across.

The debate about the National continues apace both in the National Press and elsewhere. I have thus far not taken part in the debate and do not plan to get in too deep because it is one of those arguments where opposing sides are never likely to meet in the middle. One side says the National is cruel the other side says no it is not. There you have it, two entrenched positions and there is little chance of a Christmas day game of football outside those trenches.

Racing is correct to defend the race and the race will go on. Horses will continue to lose their lives not only in the National but in other races as well, this is a fact that we must acknowledge and not seek to defend by saying they had a really good and pampered life before they died. Racing should stand tall and say yes horses do lose their lives, but not in excess and all efforts are made to ensure that no horse suffers and Racing must not get embroiled in copious complicated arguments that make us look desperate.

Above all Racing must mot use the word 'we' because it makes the sport look elitist and that would be counter productive not just in this case but every time the sport is discussed.

I need to leave this now folks as my daughter seems determined to make the best use of her lungs this morning and I am in charge today, poor girl!

Our selection won yesterday, but at very skinny odds, but hey so what!


Today's Selection

3.50 Wolverhampton - Brabazon (sp)



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