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Angus McNae

Captain's Blog - 8th March 2012

I must apologise for being a little late in posting this today. The reason for the delay is quite simple. Having been up with my daughter at 6.30am I then got her ready to go to Nursery, took here there at 8.00am and then sat down to write whilst watching Australia play Sri Lanka in a one day International from Adelaide and fell asleep! I awoke to the sound of the window cleaner’s ladders banging off our wall and their owner whistling a merry tune! Singing for his seven quid no doubt in his stripey jumper and mask. Anyway I am awake again now and plan to stay that way until 10.00pm this evening, but it is debateable whether I will last that long!

Many thanks to all of you who got in touch with the Kempton show last night. It was an enjoyable production to be a part of and I am looking forward to presenting a few more later this month. For now my work focus is on Cheltenham as I am in the booth for all four days of the Festival, this means that my torpedo like flask will make its annual appearance, it has served me well over the last few years and will provide much needed refreshment during nine days of broadcasting Tuesday to Friday.

Royal Entourage was an 11/8 winner for us yesterday to back up Dancing Freddy on Tuesday. If we can just bag a few more before the delights of next week then we will have a decent bank to go to war with. As far as Cheltenham is concerned I plan to do what I have done for the last few years and that is to write a blog first thing (if I can stay awake!) and then provide a short blog update at 12.00 whence there may be more selections. This is a format that has worked for me and hopefully you guys over the last few years so it will be much of the same this year.

Wincanton and Carlisle will keep us busy on today, please join us for some interesting action. Rishi Persad will be your host and he will be joined by Jonathan Neesom.

Right I need a strong coffee or two.

See you tomorrow.


Today's Selection

3.00 Wincanton - Rajamand each way 9/1



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