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Horse Racing – Betting Guide

It’s not exactly a secret that betting on the horses is fast losing its popularity in various areas of the globe, even where this form of gambling has always had deep roots and traditional support. The reasons are simple: besides the fact that online gambling and sports betting have pretty much intruded on the territory cannibalizing racetrack clientele, wagering on the horses is just too darn complicated for beginners. There all types of bets with mysterious names and handicapping is more intimidating than anything else sports-betting wise. There are so many factors to consider and so many different aspects to proper horse race handicapping that beginners shy away from the deal almost immediately. The bottom line: horse racing and the gambling associated with it, are just not rookie friendly at all.

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For those who are dead-set on understanding how this branch of the gambling industry works, here are a few basic concepts/bet types explained. These are the most common types of wagers on US tracks, and they’re available on just about every track/race type, including greyhound racing, quarter horse, thoroughbred and harness.

The Win bet is the simplest bet out there. Through this bet the gambler essentially wagers money on a horse and collects if the given horse wins the race. The Place bet is a bit of a spin on the Win bet: the gambler wagers money on a horse and collects if the horse wins or finishes second. The Show is taking things a step further: the chosen horse has to win, or finish second or third for the gambler to collect.

The Exacta is the first more intricate bet. Through an Exacta wager, the gambler posts money on two horses, which have to finish first and second in an exact order for the gambler to collect. Basically, if one bets on A finishing 1st and B finishing second, he will not collect if B wins and A finishes second – hence the name of the bet too.

If you don’t like the odds on the Exacta, the Exacta Box may be the answer you’re seeking: with the Exacta Box, the order in which the two horses finish the race is irrelevant as long as they come in 1st and second. The minimum wager on this type of bet is $1, given the fact that it consists of a combination of multiple wagers.

The Trifecta is about taking the Exacta one step further. With this bet, the gambler basically places a wager on three horses, to come in 1st, 2nd and 3rd, in an exact, pre-determined order. Any deviations in the results from the pre-determined order mean that the bet is a loser.

Like the Exacta Box, the Trifecta box is about wagering on 3 horses to finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd in any order. The odds on such a bet are obviously much better, but the payout is tweaked to reflect this too. The minimum wager on Trifecta Boxes is $1 on account of the fact that it’s a combo-bet.

The Superfecta is a wager placed on 4 horses to finish in an exact, pre-determined order. The Superfecta Box is the same bet basically, without the finish-order requirement. There’s another twist to the Superfecta: the Superfecta Key. This bet is a combo bet which requires the player to pick a horse to come in first. The other three horses must come in 2nd, 3rd and 4th, regardless in which order.

The bottom line is that as the odds for the player get better and better, the payouts are tweaked in order to reflect it.

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