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Cue Card Takes the Bumper for the British

1 Cue Card 40/1
2 Al Ferof 8/1
3 Frawley 14/1
24 ran

Cue Card

Cue Card

Cue Card became only the fourth British-trained winner of the Weatherbys Champion Bumper when belying his 40/1 odds to come home the comfortable eight-length winner for father/son combination of trainer Colin and jockey Joe Tizzard. Unlike the previous three British-trained winners, Cue Card was also bred in Britain by Roland Crellin.

The winner travelled supremely well throughout and had the race wrapped up from the home bend, when he overhauled the leader Al Ferof.

Colin Tizzard said: “If anybody saw his win first time out at Fontwell, they would have seen that he absolutely bolted up and Joe had to go up and down the hill before he could pull him up.

“He looked like a four-year-old in the pre-parade ring - I thought that he was a bit smaller than the rest - but I always get negative before a race. He has always done everything so easily at home and he is such an easy horse to train. I said to the owner that we wouldn’t talk about him the past fortnight because nothing has gone wrong since the day we broke him in and it has been easy - I suppose the good ones are.

“I said in my local paper that I am sure that this horse would have been third or fourth favourite if he was trained by Willie Mullins. He absolutely sluiced up first time out and he has done the same today.

“We kept him busy for three weeks after his Fontwell win (January 25) and then just kept him fresh for today. We were going to give him another run, but then thought why should we run the risk and came straight to Cheltenham instead.

“He wore a grackle noseband today and I thought at one point that he was doing too much, but he got there easily in the end.

“I thought we had some half-decent chances this week, but I never thought he would win like he has today.”

Joe Tizzard added: "We absolutely love the horse, but all the stats say four-year-olds can't do it. But he won well at Fontwell and the second came out and won and the fourth came out and won.

“He travelled particularly well and I was able to follow AP through round the top bend and down the hill. I could see he was starting to struggle so then I followed Ruby - the plan was not to hit the front as soon as I did but he still had plenty left. He is a lovely horse and he proved what we have always thought about him. That was only his second time at a racecourse and he is very exciting.

“It has been a long time since I had a Festival winner and I am so involved at home that I don’t really take outside rides that much. I just wanted to get one on the board for home because they are hard to come by.”


Starting Price
Beaten Distance
Cue Card
C L Tizzard
J Tizzard
10st 12lbs
40 - 1
Al Ferof
P F Nicholls
R Walsh
11st 5lbs
8 - 1
8 lengths
J E Kiely
B J Geraghty
11st 5lbs
14 - 1
8 lengths
Tavern Times
T Mullins
D N Russell
11st 5lbs
13 - 2
1 1/2 length
G L Moore
J E Moore
11st 5lbs
25 - 1
Dare Me
P J Hobbs
R Johnson
11st 5lbs
18 - 1
Short Head
W P Mullins
Paul Townend
11st 5lbs
20 - 1
1 1/4 length
Sheer Genius
J J Murphy
E F Power
11st 5lbs
100 - 1
1/2 length
Made In Time
Miss R Curtis
A P McCoy
11st 5lbs
25 - 1
1 1/4 length
Bubbly Bruce
W Harney
A J McNamara
11st 5lbs
50 - 1
Back At The Ranch
P Phelan
C Bolger
11st 5lbs
150 - 1
Elegant Concorde
D K Weld
Mr R P McNamara
11st 5lbs
10 - 1
Up Ou That
W P Mullins
D J Casey
11st 5lbs
33 - 1
5 lengths
Dunraven Storm
P J Hobbs
T J O'Brien
11st 5lbs
33 - 1
Super Villan
M Bradstock
Matthew Batchelor
11st 5lbs
150 - 1
1 3/4 length
De Forgotten Man
M Keighley
W Marston
11st 5lbs
100 - 1
1 1/2 length
Mrs S J Humphrey
Charlie Huxley
11st 5lbs
80 - 1
1 1/2 length
On His Own
J Howard Johnson
Denis O'Regan
11st 5lbs
40 - 1
Hidden Universe
D K Weld
P J Smullen
10st 12lbs
16 - 1
1 1/2 length
Shot From The Hip
E J O'Grady
Mr J P Magnier
11st 5lbs
3 - 1
2 3/4 lengths
Basford Bob
Jennie Candlish
A O'Keeffe
11st 5lbs
100 - 1
2 1/2 lengths
Shannon Spirit
T Hogan
Miss N Carberry
11st 5lbs
14 - 1
10 lengths
J J Lambe
R Thornton
11st 5lbs
8 - 1
14 lengths
Day Of A Lifetime
W P Mullins
Mr P W Mullins
11st 5lbs
10 - 1
4 1/2 lengths



Cue Card, trained by Colin Tizzard, won the Weatherbys Champion Bumper, but the second and third pleased trainers Paul Nicholls and John Kiely.

Nicholls, trainer of second-placed Al Ferof, said: “It was a great run and I should think they are two very good horses. He won’t run again this season, he’ll be going hurdling in the autumn and is an exciting prospect, he’s already won a point-to-point.”

Irish-trained horses have tended to dominate this race, but they could do no better than third. Frawley took that position under Barry Geraghty, and Kiely said: “I thought he’d put up a decent run. He’s a nice horse and I’m delighted. He’s got the size and scope to jump hurdles and is one to look forward to.”

Frawley had won just once before crossing to Cheltenham, but Kiely said: “He was unlucky on a couple of occasions, he was sick for a while and he got pocketed the day he was third to Elegant Concorde [12th in today’s race] so there were reasons.”

Reflecting on his previous Festival visits, Kiely said: “I had one ride here and was fourth in the 1960s in the Gloucestershire Hurdle - Terry Biddlecombe won the race - and I’ve had a couple of places as a trainer, including Take Five who was second in the Coral Hurdle.”





2008-WINNER-COUSIN VINNY 5-11-05 Owner-Festival Syndicate; Trainer-Willie Mullins IRE; Jockey-Mr Patrick Mullins; SP-12/1
2ND Corskeagh Royale 5-11-05 Owner-Queen Maeve Racing Club; Trainer-Noel Meade IRE; Jockey-Miss Nina Carberry; SP-7/1
3RD Zaarito 6-11-05 Owner-Victoria Syndicate; Trainer-Colm Murphy IRE; Jockey-Davy Russell; SP-3/1 Fav
23 ran, Time-4m 1.30s Dist-3¼, ¾

2007-WINNER-CORK ALL STAR 5-11-05 Owner-Cathal Ryan; Trainer-Jessica Harrington IRE; Jockey-Barry Geraghty; SP-11/2
2ND Sophocles 4-10-11 Owner-Mrs A Donnelly; Trainer-James Leavy IRE; Jockey-Miss Pauline Ryan; SP-40/1
3RD Aranleigh 5-11-05 Owner-J P McManus; Trainer-Tony Mullins IRE; Jockey-Tony McCoy; SP-8/1
24 ran, Time-3m 47.90s Dist-1¼, 1½ 4/1 Fav Mad Fish (8th)

2006-WINNER-HAIRY MOLLY 6-11-05 Owner-F T B Syndicate; Trainer-Joe Crowley IRE; Jockey-Paul Carberry; SP-33/1
2ND Pressgang 4-10-11 Owner-Mrs Anthony West; Trainer-Paul Webber; Jockey-Tom Doyle; 20/1
3RD Kicks For Free 5-11-05 Owner-Mark Tincknell; Trainer-Paul Nicholls; Jockey-Mick Fitzgerald; SP-5/1
23 ran, Time-3m 46.70s Dist-hd, 1.75 5/2 Fav Equus Maximus (12th)

2005-WINNER-MISSED THAT 6-11-05 Owner-Violet O’Leary; Trainer-Willie Mullins IRE; Jockey-Ruby Walsh; SP-7/2 Fav
2ND De Soto 4-10-12 Owner-Peter Deal; Trainer-Paul Webber; Jockey-Tom Doyle; SP-20/1
3RD Rasharrow 6-11-05 Owner-Ashleybank Investments Limited; Trainer-Len Lungo; Jockey-Tony Dobbin; SP-9/1
24 ran, Time-3m 52.70s Dist-nk, .5

2004-WINNER-TOTAL ENJOYMENT 5-10-12 Owner-It Will Never Last Syndicate; Trainer-Tommy Cooper IRE; Jockey-Jim Culloty; SP-7/1
2ND Refinement 5-10-12 Owner-Michael Tabor; Trainer-Jonjo O’Neill; Jockey-Barry Geraghty; SP-7/1
3RD Master Albert 6-10-12 Owner-Sue Magnier; Trainer-David Wachman IRE; Jockey-Mr J P Magnier; SP-50/1
24 ran, Time-3m 48.30s Dist-2.5, 5 7/2 Fav Martinstown (14th)

2003-WINNER-LIBERMAN 5-11-06 Owner-David Johnson; Trainer-Martin Pipe; Jockey-Tony McCoy; SP-2/1 Fav
2ND Trabolgan 5-11-06 Owner-Trevor Hemmings; Trainer-Nicky Henderson; Jockey-Seamus Durack; SP-50/1
3RD Widemouth Bay 5-11-06 Owner-Jackie Deithrick; Trainer-Philip Hobbs; Jockey-Richard Johnson; SP-33/1
25 ran, Time-3m 52.30s Dist-.5, 1

2002-WINNER-PIZARRO 5-11-06 Owner-Edward Wallace; Trainer-Edward O’Grady IRE; Jockey-Jamie Spencer; SP-14/1
2ND-Rhinestone Cowboy 6-11-06 Owner-Sue Magnier; Trainer-Jonjo O’Neill; Jockey-Norman Williamson; SP-5/2 Fav
3RD-Back In Front 5-11-06 Owner-Nelius Hayes; Trainer-Edward O’Grady IRE; Jockey-Charlie Swan; SP-12/1
23 ran, Time-4m 0.70s; Dist-nk, 3.5

2001-Race Cancelled

2000-WINNER-JOE CULLEN 5-11-06 Owner-Jackie Mullins; Trainer-Willie Mullins IRE; Jockey-Charlie Swan; SP-14/1
2ND-Inca 5-11-06 Owner-Trevor Hemmings; Trainer-Nicky Henderson; Jockey-Mick Fitzgerald; SP-2/1 Fav
3RD-Be My Royal 5-11-06 Owner-Mrs Violet O’Leary; Trainer-Willie Mullins IRE; Jockey-Mr James Nash; SP-16/1
17 ran, Time-3m 41.20s, Dist-3.5, 2

1999-MONSIGNOR 5-11-06 Owner-Malcolm Denmark; Trainer-Mark Pitman; Jockey-Brendan Powell; SP-50/1
2ND-Golden Alpha 5-11-06 Owner-David Johnson; Trainer-Martin Pipe; Jockey-Tony McCoy; SP-7/2
3RD-Canasta 5-10-13 Owner-Southern Brick & Tile Co./D S Arnold; Trainer-Mark Pitman; Jockey-Liam Corcoran; SP-25/1
25 ran, Time-3m 54.8s, Dist-1.5, .75 11/4 Fav Biliverdin (15th)

1998-WINNER-ALEXANDER BANQUET 5-11-06 Owner-M Swarbrick; Trainer-Willie Mullins IRE; Jockey-Mr Ruby Walsh; SP-9/1
2ND-Joe Mac 4-10-12; Owner-J P McManus; Trainer-Christy Roche IRE; Jockey-Conor O’Dwyer; SP-6/4 Fav
3RD-Frantic Tan 6-11-06; Owner-The Bunkers Hill Mob; Trainer-Nigel Twiston-Davies; Jockey-Carl Llewellyn; SP-8/1
25 ran, Time-3m 45.7s, Dist-2.5, 7

1997-WINNER-FLORIDA PEARL 5-11-06 Owner-Violet O’Leary; Trainer-Willie Mullins IRE; Jockey-Richard Dunwoody; SP-6/1
2ND-Arctic Camper 5-11-06 Owner-Lady Harris; Trainer-David Nicholson; Jockey-Richard Johnson; SP-16/1
3RD-All The Colours 4-10-12 Owner-Pat Byrnes; Trainer-John Mulhern IRE; Jockey-Jamie Osborne; SP-8/1
25 ran, Time-3m 45.1s, Dist-5, 2 4/1 Fav Dawn Leader (13th)

1996-WINNER-WITHER OR WHICH 5-11-06 Owner-Robert Sinclair; Trainer-Willie Mullins IRE; Jockey-Mr Willie Mullins; SP-11/4
2ND-Alzulu 5-11-06 Owner-D Buckle; Trainer-Jimmy FitzGerald; Jockey-Peter Niven; SP-25/1
3RD-Mighty Moss 5-10-13 Owner-Ken Hutsby; Trainer-David Nicholson; Jockey-Mr Fred Hutsby; SP-33/1
24 ran, Time-3m 53.7s, Dist-2, 3 9/4 Fav Andanito (4th)

1995-WINNER-DATO STAR 4-10-12 Owner-Kath Riley & Joe Donald; Trainer-Malcolm Jefferson; Jockey-Mark Dwyer; SP-7/2
2ND-Red Blazer 4-10-12 Owner-Tom Shrimpton; Trainer-Henrietta Knight; Jockey-Jamie Osborne SP-2/1 Fav
3RD-Skehanagh Bridge 6-11-06 Owner-David Pim; Trainer-Willie Mullins IRE; Jockey-Mr Willie Mullins; SP-12/1
21 Ran, Time-4m 02.2s. Dist-1.25, 3.5

1994-WINNER-MUCKLEMEG 6-11-05 Owner-J P McManus; Trainer-Edward O'Grady IRE; Jockey-Charlie Swan; SP-7/2 Fav
2ND-Aries Girl 5-11-03 Owner-Wally Sturt; Trainer-Pat Flynn IRE; Jockey-Shay Barry; SP-5/1
3RD-Go Ballistic 5-11-03 Owner-Sheila Lockhart; Trainer-David Nicholson; Jockey-Robert Massey; SP-16/1
25 Ran, Time-3m 53.7s, Dist-3, 15

1993-WINNER-RHYTHM SECTION 4-10-11 Owner-Robert Sinclair; Trainer-Homer Scott IRE; Jockey-Paul Carberry; SP-16/1
2ND-Heist 4-11-02 Owner-Mrs G Matthews; Trainer-Noel Meade IRE; Jockey-Charlie Swan; SP-9/4 Fav
3RD-Winter Belle 5-11-13 Owner-John Muldoon; Trainer-Paddy Prendergast IRE; Jockey-John Shortt; SP-7/1
24 Ran, Time-3m 45.2s, Dist-.5, 1

1992-WINNER-MONTELADO 5-11-13 Owner-Ollie Hannon; Trainer-Pat Flynn IRE; Jockey-Richard Dunwoody; SP-8/1
2ND-Tiananmen Square 4-10-12 Owner-Sue Magnier; Trainer-Noel Meade IRE; Jockey-Mr Tim Hyde; SP-6/4 Fav
3RD-Maneree 5-11-08 Owner-Michael Tabor; Trainer-Neville Callaghan; Jockey-Declan Murphy; SP-7/1
23 Ran, Time-3m 58.2s, Dist-12, 10



(Weatherbys Champion Bumper since 1997, Bi Group Festival Bumper 1996, Prestige Medical Festival Bumper 1995, Bromsgrove Industries Festival Bumper 1994, Guinness Festival Bumper 1993, Tote Festival Bumper 1992)

Year Winner Age/Wt Owner Trainer Jockey SP Ran

2009 Dunguib
2008 Cousin Vinny 5-11-05 Festival Syndicate Willie Mullins IRE Mr Patrick Mullins 12/1 23
2007 Cork All Star 5-11-05 Cathal Ryan Jessica Harrington IRE Barry Geraghty 11/2 24
2006 Hairy Molly 6-11-05 F T B Syndicate Joe Crowley IRE Paul Carberry 33/1 23
2005 Missed That 6-11-05 Violet O’Leary Willie Mullins IRE Ruby Walsh 7/2F 24
2004 Total Enjoyment 7-10-12 It Will Never Last Syndicate Tom Cooper IRE Jim Culloty 7/1 24
2003 Liberman 5-11-06 David Johnson Martin Pipe Tony McCoy 2/1F 25
2002 Pizarro 5-11-06 Edward Wallace Edward O’Grady IRE Jamie Spencer 14/1 23
2001 Race Cancelled - foot & mouth
2000 Joe Cullen 5-11-06 Jackie Mullins Willie Mullins IRE Charlie Swan 14/1 17
1999 Monsignor 5-11-06 Malcolm Denmark Mark Pitman Brendan Powell 50/1 25
1998 Alexander Banquet 5-11-06 M Swarbrick Willie Mullins IRE Mr Ruby Walsh 9/1 25
1997 Florida Pearl 5-11-06 Violet O’Leary Willie Mullins IRE Richard Dunwoody 6/1 25
1996 Wither Or Which 5-11-06 Robert Sinclair Willie Mullins IRE Mr Willie Mullins 11/4 24
1995 Dato Star 4-10-12 Kath Riley & Joe Donald Malcolm Jefferson Mark Dwyer 7/2 21
1994 Mucklemeg 6-11-05 J P McManus Edward O'Grady IRE Charlie Swan 7/2F 36
1993 Rhythm Section 4-10-11 Robert Sinclair Homer Scott IRE Paul Carberry; 16/1 24
1992 Montelado 5-11-13 Ollie Hannon Pat Flynn IRE Richard Dunwoody 8/1 23



1. The first winner of the Weatherbys Champion Bumper was Montelado, who achieved what is thought to be the unique feat of winning two consecutive Festival races. The Bumper, now run on Wednesday, was originally the last race of the Festival. Montelado went on to win the opening race of the 1993 Festival, the Trafalgar House Supreme Novices' Hurdle, now sponsored by William Hill.

2. Irish-trained runners have a great record in the race, accounting for 13 of the 16 winners. Willie Mullins has incredibly saddled six of the last 12 winners. He also rode his first winner of the race, the 1996 scorer Wither Or Which, while his son Patrick was in the saddle when Cousin Vinny won for the stable in 2008.

3. The three horses to have kept the trophy at home were Dato Star in 1995, Monsignor, who sprang a 50/1 surprise in 1999, and Liberman, who gave Martin Pipe his first and only win in the race in 2003.

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