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Angus McNae

Captain's Blog - 5th January 2011

Good Morning everyone. I am pleased to say that after having waited three weeks beyond the stated delivery day the new car I ordered back in October is going to be ready for me to pick up either tomorrow or on Friday. I am not going to hold my breath because the garage I am dealing with is the garage of hollow promises, but this time I have a good feeling in my water, whatever that means?

We are very much playing the waiting game at the moment because we are expecting our first baby and he or she is three days overdue at the moment. For a week or so the baby was odds on to beat the car but the market has flip flopped now and the car is a short priced jolly. For this reason I am not at work at the moment and in truth do not think I could work such is my level of excitement and the obvious need to attend to all my wife’s needs and wants. She is doing well, but frustration at playing the waiting game is beginning to set in and I am not going to go into the hassle we have had trying to get a doctor’s appointment at this critical time, suffice to say the health service seems to operate on a first come first served basis regardless of the ailment or problem that has to be dealt with, which has to be wrong. As for doctors’ receptionists I would like to remind them nationwide that they are neither qualified doctors, agents of the good Lord or security guards looking to shield work shy doctors from their patients. My father was a consultant of Accident and Emergency Medicine for 25 years and he never had a lunch break in all of those years, and certainly never dismissed anyone as being simply nuisance value rather than a patient. He worked Bank holidays, Christmas Day, indeed every day if he had to and when he was not working he was on call. He will be turning in his grave at the state of the Health Service today. By the way he would also shave every day and always go to work in a suit and tie, not jeans and a brand new Christmas jumper as our Doctor was sporting the other day. I want to kick off about their inadequacies but we need them and their expertise, so we have to sift through and ignore the nonsense just to get a service. The world has gone mad! The main thing though is that our little one is born safe and sound in the next week or so and we cannot wait.

No joy with our selection yesterday and that means we have had two losers in a row here on the blog which I am not proud of in any way. Hopefully we can nail a few winners throughout the rest of the week and get the show on the road for 2011.

Have a peaceful day.


Today’s Selection

1:40 Southwell – Roseneath (3/1 Stan James )



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