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Angus McNae

Captain's Blog - 24th May 2011

Apparently you can get away with what you like on Twitter and a constitutional crisis seems to be ensuing because a footballer cheats on his wife, the ash cloud is back and Obama embraced his distant Irish roots with pint of Guinness securing the Irish/American vote in the process. All of this is important and interesting stuff, but much more importantly Bob Dylan has reached his 70th Birthday. This great artist has been around all my life and his music has touched many lives. I have always been a massive fan and his lyrics are insightful and refreshing, indeed it could be said he brought intellectual ambition to popular music. Many people out there would do well to stop tweeting and listen to Bob instead, far more fulfilling and, although the times they are a-changing, they are not changing for the better.

Changing times but still no Triple Crown winner this year. Shackelford's win in the Preakness ensured that the Triple Crown would remain the preseve of Champions only. The nature of the series means that horses who have won it are a class apart and no ordinary Joe can add his name to the list, the task is simply too tough for the ordinary and certainly for horses that have been brought up on a diet of polytrack style racing, which by its very nature does not give them the necessary conditioning to be triple crown winners. This polytrack stuff really does get everywhere and is having a much bigger influence on Racing than simply being a new safe surface. Jockeys are riding to the polytrack beat whatever the surface and horses are getting used to the crawl and sprint scenarios that seem so prevalent on poly. I could go on and on, but this is an old hobby horse of mine and I am sure you do not want to climb aboard with me again. I can moan all I like but Polytrack, Tapeta and Pro-Ride are here for good and I need to change with the times but I just cannot get all of those Triple Crown champions out of my head and to be frank I want them to stay there because we may not see one for a long time.

Our selection yesterday was a non runner which in my current form is akin to having a 20/1 winner. Well not quite I suppose, but you catch my drift. Better luck surely awaits somewhere this week. Have a good day one and all.


Today's Selection

2:40 Ripon - Easy Terms (each way 6/1 Paddy Power )



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