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Angus McNae

Captain's Blog - 12th August 2011

The other night I watched a Jools Holland tribute to Amy Winehouse. I never paid much attention to her and her music during her life and am ashamed to say I thought she was something of a one hit wonder. I could not have been wider of the mark. I was stunned by her brilliance and the quality of her live performances. In fact I was so impressed that a couple of her songs have now found their way onto my ipod. She really was a unique talent.

This experience is a lesson for me. Quite simply I should never again make snap judgements about things that I actually know little about. We all do it I guess and time dictates that we must sometimes. Just now and then we should sit back and push aside preconceived ideas and look beyond the end of our nose. In this case it was particularly rewarding. I still think Chesney Hawkes was a one hit wonder though, no need to doubt my initial impressions on that one.

We have been asked to spend the afternoon on a long boat on the Thames today with some friends. The plan is to chug down river, stay dry and enjoy a couple of cold beers. I have agreed to this excursion as long as we are back home in time to watch St Helens take on Huddersfield in tonight’s televised Super league clash. I am sure we will make it that is, as long as the boat which has a history of problems does not give pack up and leave us stranded miles from home. It is the risk you take I suppose, but I am a little concerned.

Our selection yesterday bombed out and was a disappointment to me and others no doubt. Today is a fresh challenge and there are plenty of meetings to go at. We will be at Newbury, Nottingham, Newmarket, Kempton and Catterick. What a day. Incidentally I trust you are enjoying our new format whereby we have a pundit in the studio when there is more than one meeting. I think it adds an extra dimension to our coverage and as all pundits have different approaches and Presenters different styles this brings greater variety to our coverage.

If you have a moment today make use of that time and listen to Don't Go to Strangers sung by Amy Winehouse and Paul Weller. Your life will be better for it.

All the best,


Today's Selection

6.55 Catterick - Stormy Whatever



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