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Angus McNae

Captain's Blog - 27th September 2011

The BHA have today announced a change to the whip rules which in essence imposes a limit on the number of times a horse can be hit and jockeys that break the rules will receive harsher penalties.

This will appease the animal welfare lobby to a degree and will also help the public image of the sport even if the vast majority of the population have no interest in the sport whatsoever. AP McCoy and Frankie Dettori have backed the new rules and other jockeys are sure to follow suit. Personally, I was perfectly happy with the old rules and was not as anxious as some to have them changed, but clarification of the rules cannot be a bad thing and now jockeys know where they stand and it is always good when racing makes the BBC Breakfast news for positive reasons. That sofa has been graced by stars of screen and stage and after this morning Lee Mottershead as well, who did a good job answering some trappy questions.

A few points for you to consider are, firstly, I wonder if this is the end of the whip saga or are we now on an irreversible path to racing without whips at all? Secondly, are jockeys really going to count the number of times they hit a horse in the cut and thrust of a finish? And is it fair to ask them to do so? And finally someone in the Stewards room is going to be very busy counting whip strokes in big field handicaps!

A day at home for me today waiting for a boiler repair man to turn up. Yes the boiler saga goes on. Without wanting to bore you to death about this again we had a new boiler installed last Wednesday and have had no hot water ever since. Basically the installer is blaming the manufacturer and the manufacturer is blaming the installer! This is all well and good until I bang their heads together which is due to happen this afternoon when hopefully for the first time in a week we will have hot water.

No joy with the selection yesterday, beaten by a neck I am afraid. We march on however looking for greater glory today.


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5.10 Ayr - Pipers Song



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