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Angus McNae

Captain's Blog - 12th October 2011

Champions Day is nearly upon us and Frankel fever is sure to strike in the next few days. Sir Henry Cecil seems confident and to a great extent the whole day hinges on a Frankel demolition job. If he is beaten, surely not, then the day will fall a little flat. That would be a shame because having had a cursory look at the card it really does look to be top class from top to bottom. It will all be live on and please join us from 11.00am on Saturday for our preview programme followed by Mark Your Card.

The whip debate rages on and threatens to overshadow Champions Day which would be a shame but is a natural consequence of the timing of its implementation. Here on the blog I have voiced my opposition to the new rules on a couple of occasions and now a number of jockeys are voicing their concerns. I think Eddie Ahern sums up the whole thing well when he says ''I would rather be second and keep the prize-money and riding fee and support my family and pay my mortgage than win the race and lose my riding fee and my prize money''. If this is the attitude pervading the weighing room we now have a sport where the competitors are frightened to give their all to win and would rather settle for minor honours. It follows that the best horses in a race may not win. Brian Harding beaten a nose yesterday on Winter Alchemy at Huntingdon said after the race that ''the new rules definitely cost me the race''

We have become the only sport in the modern world where the best may not win and where those in the sport feel that second is best. Obviously every sport needs regulation but regulation that squeezes the life out of genuine competition is counter productive.

Later this week I will be putting together a pocket guide to some of the races on Champions Day. Bet you cannot wait.

All the best.


Today's Selection

2.40 Nottingham - Danzoe (each way 11/1 Victor Chandler )



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