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Angus McNae

Captain's Blog - 15th December 2011

The day has finally arrived. Yes, it is the Christmas party this evening and the troops are ready to go into battle. I will be there but my days on the frontline are gone. I will adopt a more consevative approach than in I did in more reckless times, but will enjoy myself nonetheless. Of course age does not weary some of my colleagues, to mention no names, but I am more of a middle lane cruiser these days. I will report back tomorrow but will probably have left before the hardcore action gets underway!

Many thanks to those of you who sent emails to the show last night. It was a fun programme to work on and I hope you enjoyed it. James Willoughby was in cracking form and Dave Williams from Ladbrokes joined us for an enjoyable ten minutes or so. One of the topics we discussed with him yesterday was the World Darts Championship and one thing struck me and that was that even money about Phil Taylor winning the tournament is a good bet. He has won 16 of the last 18 World Titles and some of his big foes are out of form. He is confident of winning again and is targeting a three dart average of 120. If he gets within 10 points of that ambition he will win on the bridle. The other point to make is that as he makes his way through the tournament his price is only going to get shorter and shorter, so if you want to trade your position at any point you will be able to do so. As of tonight when the tournament begins we are all going to be walking in a Taylor Wonderland and taking evens about him winning the title will add a little spice to your Christmas.

I really must apologise for the ridiculous selection that I made yesterday. The beast won at 1/5 and a blind monkey could have picked it out as a likely winner. My mitigation is that I did not have a computer yesterday and had to type my blog on my phone. Once I had done that I could not open up the oddschecker website and having seen Gabbiano make a promising debut decided to tip him thinking he would win at about 11/10. I had absolutely no idea he would be 1/5. I suppose a 1/5 winner is better than a loser but in truth I am embarassed at having tipped it up here on the blog.

Right time to call it a day.

All the best.


Today's Selection

5.30 Kempton - Mezzotint (7/4 Coral )



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