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Horse Racing Bets

The popularity of horse racing has seen quite a dip in recent years. Although the reasons are numerous and some of them are rather intricate indeed, the most important factor is the perceived intricacy surrounding the various wager types that can be placed on individual races.

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If you've been toying with the idea of wagering on horses, what we can recommend is that you first read around a little before you commit any money. Not only will you be able to make much more informed decisions, you will find that the enjoyment of the activity will be increased several-fold as well.

Let us now take a look at some of the most popular and common wager types used in horseracing. The simplest bets that a beginner can place on a race are the win place and show bets. The win bet is quite possibly simplest bet out there, but when it comes to the actual odds involved you will find that this isn't the most favorable or the most flexible bet-type you can make.

The place bet, is basically about betting on a horse to finish in the top two. If your horse finishes first or as the runner up, you win, if it falls outside of the top two, you lose. The show bet is a similar setup, only this time the horse has to finish in the top three in order to be declared a winner. Obviously, the odds of a horse finishing in the top three are much better than those regarding the winning of the race. Needless to say bookmakers make up for this disparity in odds through the payouts which are tweaked to keep the bet balanced.

Those looking to delve a little bit deeper into the game, will at one point or another find themselves interested in exotic bets. Exotic bets are not just about picking a horse to finish in a certain position, but also about the order in which various horses finish. The quinella is the most basic form of exotic horseracing wager. It is about picking the two horses that will finish first and second in the race. With the quinella, the order in which the two horses finish does not really matter.

The exacta on the other hand, is also about picking the two top finishing horses, but in this instance, the order of finishing matters as well.

Going further, the trifecta is a bet about the top three, which counts the order of the finishing as well.

The Superfecta is the most intricate exotic bet, involving the top four finishers, in order. Needless to say, the Superfecta carries the most adverse odds for bettors, but it is the bet which offers the highest pay out as well.

Nowadays, those who intend to invest some money into horse racing, no longer need to actually head out to the track. They can turn to online bookmakers instead and place their wagers through their computers or mobile devices, while potentially earning some rather welcome online bonuses and loyalty rewards as well.

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