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Wet At The Races?

Have you ever been to a big racing meet? Whether it’s a huge annual event like the Grand National or a local event to you, you’ll find that it’s not always all it’s cracked up to be.

Grand National

Sure, you get to dress up and sail around in your finery, preferably with a big fancy hat and you also get to hang out with like minded folk who like nothing better than to get together, have a drink, bet on some horses and enjoy the general ambiance.

But this is Britain and, although we’ve had a relatively decent summer this year, it hasn’t been without its sudden, random and thorough downpours.

Going to the races and getting caught in a deluge is a bit like wearing your best clothes to hit a music festival. You are going to find yourself stumbling around in mud, bedraggled and, most likely, pretty miserable, no matter how much Prosecco you’ve quaffed.

And all of that is if you make it on time anyway. Race weekends in cities are notorious for snarled up traffic and long, tedious queues. Particularly if it’s in the summer and particularly if it’s a city like York, which also has a lot of tourists visiting. When the race weekends happen in York, the locals batten down the hatches and stay off the ring road as the influx of racegoers can bring the city to a complete halt.

Depending on who you take along with you, you may also find yourself either looking after some slightly too inebriated mates or watching where the kids are off to every time you settle down to watch a race. The crowds can get huge as well, so make sure you don’t lose each other!

Of course, there is another way to get your horse racing fix. You can stay at home with the family, stick it on the box and have yourselves a nice sandwich and some beer while you watch comfortably. Rather than fighting through the crowds you can have the sofa all to yourself. Rather than risk getting rained on you can snuggle under a blanket. And rather than miss any action thanks to all the distractions you can concentrate on seeing whether your horses are going to win you any money. Because you can still bet as well! The magic of internet betting means you can replicate the entire races experience, but make it a lot more fun.

Compare book makers on before the next Grand National, place your bets and settle down for a nice, comfy show. Chances are you’ll even be luckier - well you definitely will with the weather anyway!


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