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Angus McNae

Captain's Blog - 11th January 2011

I am pleased to be able to report that our new daughter slept most of the night and we are both feeling a little more human this morning. During the night I had time to reflect on everything that happened over the weekend and aside from the obvious pride and love for the two girls in my life now I have to mention the hospital and midwives who helped us. They were magnificent, dedicated, caring and totally professional. They seemed to love what they were doing and did it with passion and with no regard for time keeping, lunch breaks or anything but the patients in front of them. Their selfless attitude is a life lesson for us all and we should always remember that we get their care and the use of National Health facilities absolutely free. Whatever these ladies are being paid it is not enough and we will be going back to see them later this week with a little something to express our thanks. I have also been thinking about the ‘Nappy factor’ in sport and wonder how it will effect me.

The Nappy Factor is something that I learnt about from Keith Elliot a few years ago. Keith is quite simply the best golf tipster in the land who used to produce a superb book every year. In it he explains the nappy factor as being the motivation for improved performances from golfers who have just had a new baby particularly a baby boy. Keith has proved that many golfers with a new baby really do up their game when they get back out on the golf course. I am not sure how the nappy factor will affect me, my golf will always be rubbish, but I am sure that whatever I do now will be done with much more than just myself in mind.

I am hoping that the nappy factor will help me find more winners but things did not start too well yesterday when Dovedon Angel finished unplaced. I will hopefully go on a good run now and make up for some moderate efforts on the tipping front so far.

Time to call it a day. All the best.


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