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In for the Big One

There are some gamblers who love following the races and placing series of small bets all the time. Others prefer to just go for a bet that could win them a life-changing amount of money and one way you could have a go at that would be with an all-win accumulator on a big event like the Melbourne Cup or the Cheltenham Festival.

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A slightly more cautious bet to place would be an each way, all each way accumulator. In this kind of accumulator, all the money gets rolled into the next race and placed on each way – split into two amounts. If you were unlucky enough to get all winners on this kind of accumulator, you’d have a much reduced payout, but how realistic is the possibility of getting all winners? An each way, all each way accumulator is generally a savvier bet than an all-win accumulator.

But there are places away from the racecourse that you could place a life-changing bet – and for a pretty tiny stake too. Lotteries have become one of the most popular ways of having a bet that could change your life, and for some lucky people the dream has already come true. Of course, the majority of bets placed in the form of lottery tickets never come off and only about 50% of the money paid in actually comes out in prizes, but the time to play the lotto is whenever you can join in a rollover draw.

When there’s a rollover, it makes more statistical sense to play, and you can keep an eye on when rollovers are coming up easily on a site like Lottoland. You can buy tickets for the National Lottery here, the country's most played lottery, as well as for other lottos like Euromillions. It’s so easy to buy a lotto ticket online, and you’ll be notified of any win by email – just in case you forget to check the winning numbers for yourself! Given the size of the jackpots, buying a lottery ticket is well worth a punt.


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