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Saturday 15th May 2021
CBD Moving Forward With 2021 Signs Of Progress


(Cannabidiol) CBD faced and continues to encounter many obstacles on its journey towards what predictions indicate will be a substantial peak in the next several years. With hemp legalization, research was able to expand - to a degree. Everyone is waiting on pins and needles for the FDA to come through with guidance, regulations, and approvals, but they remain unmoved by science to date.

The authoritative body is not as concerned with removing products from shelves with the cannabinoid as an ingredient, but more so coming down on those brands making false claims. That's a benefit to consumers searching for brands with standards offering only high-quality CBD like Cheefbotanicals product line. Hopefully, the crackdown is a sign the subpar companies will be on their way out of the market so that the sources who answer the demand care genuinely about the consumer.

That demand increases each day substantially compared to the beginning years when (cannabidiol) suffered the same stigma attached to cannabis as a whole as a prohibited substance.

Slowly, that obstacle is clearing, starting with hemp legalization and the designation that CBD does not intoxicate like (tetrahydrocannabinol) THC, the component in marijuana that induces intense euphoric results or "highs."

Bit by bit, as science dissects CBD components answering questions pertaining to the compound, the stigmas fade, more evidence to the efficacy reveals, and some of the roadblocks disappear. Still, the FDA is staunch in its path to being authenticated. Find out where the agency stands at

CBD Moving Forward . . .

The compound sees its share of ups and downs throughout its journey to this point, with many obstacles dissipating. One source of frustration continues to be with the FDA as they remain staunch in refusing to authenticate the cannabinoid.

Research continues, however, with science finding more evidence to the efficacy causing medical and veterinary professionals to take another look as well as legislators. Hopefully, with more progress, the officiating body will receive what they need to move forward with approvals.

Until that point, people remain confident in using the products with significant demand and increased popularity. As studies reveal more proof regarding CBD properties, the cannabinoid sees a greater legitimacy level in the industry. Industry leaders developed predictions relating to the CBD market into 2021. Learn where CBD stands in the new era - view here. Some of these include:

** Seeing Less Of The Subpar Brands

(Cannabidiol) CBD enjoys significant demand and a high level of popularity, creating a surge in the industry. Brands jumped into the market to cash in on the explosion. Unfortunately, many of these were simply there to cash-in producing faulty products, with companies in the thousands.

The top-grade CBD oil extracts from organic hemp grown domestically under stringent conditions in contaminant-free, rich soil are ideal. Some of the subpar CBD companies don't have the budget to produce higher-standard options. With the FDA cracking down on these businesses, the prediction is these brands will fall away in 2021, leaving only top-notch companies with whom consumers can do business.

** Regulations See The Light Of Day

CBD's main obstacle is the lack of regulations impeding the level of quality ingredients in products. That's why subpar companies can make their false claims regarding products because no one can say otherwise. The FDA is beginning to make these businesses answer with the suggestion more regulations like these are coming in 2021.

The cannabinoid isn't a cure or a medical miracle and leading the public to believe that is wrong. Research supports the idea it can have use for specific conditions or ailments, but how it assists and concrete authentication is not here.


** Research / Education

The predictions indicate that researchers will strive in 2021 to improve on what they might already know and move forward into directions of which they're unsure in hopes of convincing the FDA. Fortunately, with hemp legalization, studies can expand, and science can dive a bit deeper into the compound's properties to learn the capabilities.

With these revelations, people can develop education on the products they incorporate into their wellness routine. Right now, individuals are genuinely taking substances at their own risk because nothing is authenticating or regulating the consumption of the CBD ingredient.

While the medical and veterinary communities can now recommend the compound and see it in a new light with more scientific evidence, they still need to stay infinitely abreast of research to guide in an informed manner. Legislators also find a greater legitimacy with the cannabinoid-based on scientific evidence. Ultimately, though, the public is taking a substantial chance without the regulation and authentication from the FDA.

Final Thought

No one so far has come forward with any severe side effects, overdose, or significant side effects from consuming CBD at any duration. That doesn't mean there will be none down the road for someone. The FDA is holding its own for some reason. They either don't see a safe product yet or don't see an effective remedy, or perhaps they do but need a bit more evidence.

We're lucky to have a governing body like this officiating body because they look out for the consumer's greater good. When they feel CBD checks all the marks they require, they'll authenticate it for consumption, and as a user, we want it to reach their level of okay. With the products that meet their guidelines, people feel safe in taking them. The officiating body takes its time to do it right, and we need them to do that.