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Tuesday 3rd August 2021
Best Online Slot Games created by Play ‘N Go Developers

Play ‘N Go are a well respected developer who have released a variety of beloved slot titles. They have been hugely influential in the world of slot gaming, creating several games which players regard as some of the very best slot titles - check out Cashapillar Slot as well.

Who are Play ‘N Go

Play ‘N Go can be considered one of the premier online slot developers, they were the very first developer to create mobile games. They originated back in the mid nineties, quickly expanding into one of today’s most respected and well liked developers. Play ‘N Go specialise in creating slot titles which utilise the best modern technology, their games offer a unique and modern experience as a result. Play ‘N Go are also unafraid to try new things, as evidenced by being the very first developer to foray into the mobile slot experience. Another aspect of slot games which Play ‘N Go pride themselves on is the technical side, they make sure that every release is the best it can be and without any glitches or technical issues which could ruin the slot for a player.

History of Play ‘N Go

Play ‘N Go are known today as one of the most respected and well liked slot developers. However this hasn’t always been the case, Play ‘N Go actually have a long and varied history which dates back to the mid nineties.

  1. Play ‘N Go was founded in 1997 when three friends from Sweden came together. This was during a time when online slot gaming was still in its infancy, creating Play ‘N Go was a risk at the time.
  2. They are well known for creating top quality online casino games, particularly Blackjack. The developer has over eight different variations of the game available to be played. They also specialise in games such as poker, baccarat and roulette.
  3. The year 2004 was when Play ‘N Go really took off in popularity. This was the year where they released the first ever mobile compatible slot gaming, this was revolutionary at the time and the developer is still considered a pioneer of the field.

Best Play ‘N Go Slots

Play ‘N Go offers a variety of different games for casino players to enjoy but it is in mobile slot releases where they have truly shined. The following are some of the very best Play ‘N Go slots ever released.

  • Diamond Vortex may be one of their newer releases but it has become renowned for its innovative design and gameplay. The reels are shaped into a unique hexagon, giving the slot a memorable appearance. Despite the unique design, it offers easy to understand gameplay.
  • Inferno Star is a modern take on the classic fruit machine slot. There are amazing graphics and a high volatility in this game, with classic fruit symbols featured on the reels and the eponymous star making up the background.

Final Thoughts

Play ‘N Go have are a long running slot developer, having originated back in 1997. They continue to be well respected today, with an impressive output of games.