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Thursday 28th October 2021
How to Lace Your Trainers?

Trainers at Soleheaven are a perfect fit and a home-style for casual dates and sports day, but how you lace them up can enhance or even hurt your entire outfit.

Most trainers usually come in boxes, laced up and ready to wear, but on second notice, you'll find the laces to be unequal in length, twisted in wrong patterns, or sometimes pulled too tight.

 How to Lace Your Trainers?

Different sneakers lace; differently they should be learned for the different purposes we all have in mind, be it an athletic day ahead or a performance runner shoe.

Loop lacing is the most comfortable of all that gives a snug fit to the feet and helps in gripping the two legs no matter in what terrain you run. The ideal trainer for such lacing is the Cloudsurfer.

Loosening the middle portion of the laces to allow room for an extension can make way for cross-over lacing, which is ideal for those engaged in a higher arch.

For the ones who love things simple, speed lacing is the best one to indulge in that makes way for faster ones with the elastic lace in hand.

For the ones who like a tidy and neat one, straight bar lacing it is. The laces run straight from eyelet to eyelet; for this, the pace ends are inverted downwards, through the bottom holes, the right lace is put up through the third eyelet and crossed over, inserting the left downward through the empty one. The process is repeated with the left lace, and new bars are made until you reach the top.

Lace-up Your Training Game

The ladder lacing with the laces weaving horizontally across the top and vertically around each eyelet attracts eyeballs and is highly effective in keeping your shoes tied all day long. For this, take equal length each, on both sides, run into the second eyelet, feed each lace across opposite sides, take them across and tie a bow knot.

The show stopper of all is the spider web lacing with its intricate and delicate technique to turn heads and stand out in a crowd full of trainers. For this start lacing straight across second-from-bottom eyelets slipping each end down to the first from outside and making an X diagonally. Finally, taking each lace down straight back, cross the next eyelet, and repeat the process in a diagonal manner.

For the Minimalist

Start from scratch and lace up the two eyelets facing away, then weave in and out and make a pattern of crisscross as you move above till you reach the tongue loop. For the final countdown, go through the bottom instead of the top and from inside to outside to give a minimal pleasant look.

Final Thoughts

Knowing the basics of lacing your shoes can come as a boon during times of crisis. No one has the same size foot on each pair, thus choosing to use a lacing hack can prove to be a boon and help in an easy and comfortable approach to life. Many a time, a creative lacing strategy can also make your trainers more comfortable, and a simple adjustment can help you from black toenails, hot spots, or other foot irritations.