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Friday 15th July 2022
Is Glorious Goodwood in Danger of Losing its Charm?

The Qatar Goodwood Festival is one of the highlights of the sporting year. Indeed, this inspiring festival is one of the sights of summer and when it comes around, you can be certain that Chichester will be basking in the hot July sun.

Of course, it’s not just the weather that raises temperatures in West Sussex but also the jaw-dropping racing on show and the small matter of picking a winning horse. Needless to say, it will come as no surprise to learn that The Glorious Goodwood betting odds are keenly sought after and this time around, it’s Secret State ridden by jockey William Buick in the 1m4f Hcap that is attracting a lot of attention. 

Indeed, at 2/1 to win the showdown, Secret State features heavily in the latest Goodwood horse racing tips for the 2022 event. It will, as always, be a few days of racing that steal the imagination and provide more unforgettable moments from the south of England. The question, however, is will this iconic race still possess the charm that has made it one of the grandest global festivals in years to come?

Concerningly, the murmur of discontent has been getting louder over the years with regards to Goodwood slowly losing its magic. A lot of this is down to the excruciating wait in the hospitality stalls and the ever-increasing number of people who attend. In many ways, you could say that The Goodwood Festival has been a victim of its own success with the masses flocking to Chichester for the event. Understandably, these long delays for service have caused tempers to be frayed and this hardly contributes to a harmonious environment to be in over the course of the week. 

A telling indication is to read the latest Goodwood reviews on TripAdvisor which do paint a regrettable picture of what the festival is turning into. Of course, it’s always advisable to take the reviews on this website with a pinch of salt given that they can, at times, do an establishment an undeserved disservice. You only need to look back at the TripAdvisor review in 2015 from a couple in Northampton about the UK’s highest mountain Ben Nevis and the unrestrained frustration about there being no toilets at the top, to better understand how the public can sometimes get it spectacularly wrong with regards to their expectations.  

In Goodwood’s case, however, there seems to be a genuine consensus forming about the tournament losing the subtleties that made it one of the classiest events in the world. As they say, there’s no smoke without fire and the Goodwood organisers now have a fight on their hands to ensure that they are able to provide festival goers with an experience befitting of the name.

It is, naturally, a complicated balancing act as they will be tasked with growing the annual spectatorship whilst also delivering a seamless experience for racegoers. Mercifully, it is a problem that has not been left to get out of hand which means that decisive action will guarantee that Glorious Goodwood does not lose its charm in the future.

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