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Thursday 7th October 2021
Which are the Safest Payment Methods to Play Slots?

The ability to deposit and withdraw through a fast, easy, and reliable medium while enjoying interesting slots is one of the features of a good slot site - click to play mermaid millions.

With the great advancement in technology and slots, there are numerous payment methods available to customers. Some of these payment methods are for deposit alone, some are for withdrawal alone, while some perform both functions.

However, the numerous payment methods available can be a disadvantage sometimes, as many players are confused about which method to choose, especially because of security and fairness. So, here's a list of the safest methods to play slots. 

Credit / Debit Card

This is one of the ancient and most popular payment methods. Sending money to a slot site through this medium is fast, safe, and reliable. VisaCard and MasterCard are widely accepted for online casino payments. Also, few sites accept American Express and some other popular cards. Most times, no charges are deducted when paying with a debit card, while just little charges will be deducted with a credit card. Most slot sites allow you to deposit through VisaCard, while a few others allow you to withdraw through it. Depositing via MasterCard is also fast and reliable, while withdrawal via both cards can take a little while for customers to receive the money. 

Offline Banking

If you don't want to use online banking, you can also use offline banking to transact with a casino. Bank transfers, bank cheques, and bank drafts demand that you oversee your payment in person. Apart from the fact that it is time-consuming, it is also safe. 


This is one of the fastest and safest anonymous methods of transaction. E-wallet receives your banking details, secures them from third-party interference, and performs instant deposit and withdrawal. Here is a list of safe and popular e-wallet accepted by all slot sites.


This is no doubt the most popular e-wallet available today in all casinos. Depositing to a slot site through PayPal is instant, safe, and secure. Another advantage is that this medium can be used for withdrawal which doesn't take more than 24 hours. Also, no charges are deducted when withdrawing via PayPal, but it should be noted that all these are possible only if you chose PayPal as your deposit method.


Skrill is also accepted in most slot sites. The only difference is that using this medium comes with charges. Regardless, it is safe, fast, and easy. Also, it can be used for both deposits and withdrawals.


One of the advantages of using Neteller is that your details are safe and won't be shared with the casino. Though this e-wallet usage attracts charges, it remains one of the safest out there. Also, you can still find commission-free Neteller sites and your only information shared with the site is your Neteller ID.


Trustly supports instant money transfer into your casino account. It also offers anonymity and is secured. 


With the rise in the use of digital currencies like Bitcoin, most casinos have embraced this method with open arms. This medium offers anonymity, security, and reduction in charges. Though there are few cryptocurrency slot sites available, they offer the greatest deal during transactions. 

Final Take

The numerous payment methods available should be more of an advantage. Always transact through any of the safe means listed above and check out their charges if they are ok with you.