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Monday 20th February 2017
The Biggest Casino Winners of All Time

by Burton Floyd

In the 21st century, it is possible to meet many lucky players who can boast of astronomic wins in a casino. Of course, somebody manages to win more, others less, but it is hard to deny the fact that receiving of a profit already causes positive emotions.

Internet winners


As we live in a modern society, where more and more people have a tendency to opt for online casinos, it is important to pay a special attention to internet-wins. In such a way, players who prefer to gamble from home can understand what large sums of money they are capable of winning.

A record-high jackpot was registered in one of the online casinos in the year 2007. 8 million dollars were hit by a usual blacksmith who decided to try his luck on a slot called “The Millionaires Club.”

Another exciting video slot “Mega Moolah” was “conquered” twice in 2009 and 2010. Players managed to win $5.5 million and $ 6.5 million respectively. The most interesting fact about these wins is that none of the players has spent more than a couple of dollars for the game.

So, if you play in online casinos but haven’t won large sums of money yet- there is no need to be upset. Have a look at that offers a variety of slots that are capable of increasing chances for large wins.

Traditional gambling houses

Roulette Wheel

In 2003 a software specialist from Los Angeles decided to go to Las Vegas. Before that, he was playing only online games. On a visit to Vegas he wanted to enjoy a basketball match and during the break, he went to one of the local casinos to play Megabucks slot. Having made a less than $100 bet, he has hit a $40 million jackpot. It is one of the biggest wins of all times. In accordance with the law, it will be paid during the next 25 years, which means that every year a player will be getting $1.5 million.

Another lucky person who won due to Megabucks slot was an American – Elmer Sherwin who won 21 million dollars in Vegas. Surprisingly enough but 16 years before that he also visited Vegas and won 5 million dollars that he spent on traveling.

Another great casino story is connected with Kerry Paker. An ordinary player was in MGM Grand casino in Las Vegas and won there $20 million playing Baccara. Unfortunately, after two years of such a success, he became one of the biggest losers, having lost almost 30 million dollars in blackjack.

At the age of 32, a London citizen Ashley Revell has decided to demonstrate everyone what he is worth of. And so, he took all his money, sat at the table for roulette in a Plaza casino in Vegas and wanted to play a few times getting ready to the turning point of his life. He has bet the whole capital he had (135 thousand dollars) for a red sector. People who were watching even froze for a couple of seconds. The roulette ball started moving and fortunately for the player, it stopped at a red sector and Ashley managed to double the money.