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Friday 2nd June 2017
The Benefits of Online Sports Betting

Online sports betting is the most popular type of sports betting at the moment. This type of sports betting is far more superior compared to visiting offline betting venues or betting organized through state run lottery organizations.

In this article we will briefly discuss the advantages of betting through an online sports betting provider when compared to the other types of sports betting out there.

Small House Edges

A house edge is the margin that a bookmaker uses to make sure that the house (the betting organizer) always has an advantage over the punter. Let’s illustrate this through one simple example.

Let’s say that Djokovic is playing Murray at Wimbledon and since both players are well matched in terms of ability you would expect that the bookmaker would give these odds:

• Djokovic win 2.00
• Murray win 2.00

However, if the bookmaker comes out with odds such as these then he won’t make a profit when Djokovic or Murray wins the tennis match.
That’s why it is much more likely that both players will have odds in the region between 1.8-1.9 which would ensure that the bookmaker will make a profit regardless of the winner of the tennis match.

Online sports betting organizers usually work with much smaller profit margins when compared to offline bookmakers or national lottery organizers.

In fact, in some countries, such as Canada, it is estimated that the state run lottery organizer keeps as much as 40% of all the wagers made for itself, which is a huge house edge. This has forced many Canadian citizens to look for better offers online.

Much Better Offer

Online sports betting organizers boast countless markets on which a punter can try out his knowledge and luck. Outright winners, Goals Over/Under, Number of Corners, Half time/Full time Result, First Red Card and literary dozens more markets are available to those of us who have a betting account with any of the world’s more respectable online betting providers.

When you compare this to the limited offer of games offered by national lottery organizers, where the punter can only predict the winner of a selected set of matches, you see that there is a world of difference in the number of markets available to the punter.

In addition, with the increasing popularity of live betting it seems like national betting organizers will soon have to find a way to change their modus operandi as online betting vendors are taking more of their customers with each passing day.

Security and Reliability

Betting with an online sports betting organizer is one of the most secure and reliable activities in the world of gambling. You can be absolutely sure that your deposit and your eventual earnings are always safe and payouts are as quick as they possibly can.

In addition, online betting vendors try to make sure that fraudsters and opportunists are quickly identified so that the bookmaker can offer a level playing field for all betting enthusiasts without the possibility of endangering the winnings of punters like you and me.