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Thursday 16th August 2018
The Remarkable Success of Online Casinos: Convenience & Safety

Online casinos, and online slots in particular, have come a long way from being an unrecognised entertainment option, to one of the most successful online business models. As we speak, the number of internet surfers who occasionally stop by for a spin of the reels or a hand draw rapidly increases.

What is the story behind this remarkable success of online gambling? Some would say anonymity, but, in fact, it is something completely different – convenience and safety. Let’s see why people are starting to favorize online casinos over their older land-based relatives.

Playing From Home

Nothing beats the ease, convenience and comfort of Internet gambling. You can sit back and relax in your comfy chair or bed, with your laptop or a tablet in your hands, playing a variety of exciting and engaging online casino slot games while being fully informed on the rules and regulations thanks to readily available guides to online UK casino slot games features . Not all gamblers enjoy casting a bet in their tuxedos and designer dresses, some of them prefer to gamble in their pyjamas.

Convenience comes from two things. Frist, you can seize the online gambling opportunities at any time of the day you want. And, secondly, people can do it with minimal effort. All they have to do is log in to their favorite online slot site and the fun begins.

Don't forget the distance factor, which plays a vital role in the decision making process for people who live far away from land-based casinos. Online gambling is not only convenient for them, but the most viable option too.

No Threats Whatsoever

Let’s address the threat aspect of gambling. Some people see gambling at traditional casinos risky in various ways. First, there is the chance of getting stuck in traffic or at the airport. Then there is a chance of a family or business emergency, which they cannot appropriately respond to if they are hundreds of miles away. Online casinos remove all those risks from the picture.

Then, there is the threat from cyber attacks. In the past, we couldn’t place our trust in online services, as they presented a risky effort. A hacker could easily steal online accounts, personal information and get access to our credit cards.

With the latest security and encryption protocols that online casinos use, those threats are no longer here. The new https protocol has significantly increased the security of the online experience, in all its forms. Add to this the multiple security measures applied on the servers where online casinos are hosted, and you have a safe environment for online gamblers to quench their thirst for games.

Additionally, the games themselves are fool-proof of any wrong doing on behalf of the operators thanks to the regulated software that’s behind the games. With online slots for example, the RNG (Random Number Generator) controls every spin of the online slot machine, making sure the site operator cannot fix the results of the players.

Less Costly

There is a money aspect to it as well. Gambling at land-based casinos is an expensive endeavour. If you are lucky enough to live close to one of these, you will have to worry only about the traveling expenses, but if you have to stay for just one night, the costs multiply very rapidly.

With online gambling, there are no added costs. People are gambling from their own homes, while eating their favorite snacks and drinking their own drinks.

Furthermore, the online gambling industry is expanding. This means that the competition has become harsh and online casinos are forced to offer vouchers, coupons and attractive prices to online gamblers in order to build a stable customer base.

Additionally, there is the opportunity to gamble for free online!

More Control

Online casinos have made gambling accessible to everyone with an internet connection. This means anytime and anywhere. This introduced quite a different aspect to the gambling industry.

Instead of losing control and being under the impression that you have to make the most out of it when you are in a land-based casino, online casinos offer more control. People know that they can return whenever they want, which enables them to make less impulsive decisions.


In the end, we have to address the variety, in terms of games that are available to those who decide to play with lady luck online. Online gamblers have access to all of the games that are available in physical casinos. But this variety is more convenient than in land-based gambling establishments.

Instead of having to stand up and look for other games, online casinos allow people to access a variety of games that are just a few clicks away.

These are the main 5 factors that have paved the way to success for online casinos. While the convenience and lower expenses might be the most powerful factors, the variety of games, increased control and security have also significantly contributed to this trend.

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