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Tuesday 23rd April 2019
The 5 Most Profitable Horse Racing Betting Systems

There are lots of horse racing betting systems out there. For a beginner but also for a veteran it is rather difficult to figure out which one to trust and where to place your pennies.

Finding the best tipsters can be of great help to improve your horse racing betting activity. Top tipsters have a great amount of information like jockey form, training schedules, distance, stall draw and lots more. Some are therefore able to provide sounds advice that will improve your profit over time.

Today we have asked John Pentin, editor in chief of a leading betting site review website, BestBettingSites.Online, an opinion on horse racing tipsters: 'Finding a profitable tipster can really increase your returns from betting especially on horse racing. The main problem is that the industry is unregulated which means that anyone can present themselves online as 'tipster'. Following the wrong people can lead to substantial losses, so it is crucial you do your research and due diligence.'

Below we have summarised some horse racing betting systems. Some, will be more consistent and likely to produce better results than others. We have selected those betting systems as they have the best ability to create a high ROI while minimising risks.

1. Quentin Franks System

Tipster Quentin Franks give professional horse racing tips that have very high ROI in the region of 22.8% We have started tracking the system in 2015  and they have been very consistent. To access their system, only £1 is required.

2. Bet Alchemist

Bet Alchemist are able to deliver a very high strike rate, in the region of 83%. They have an average of eith out of 12 profitable months every year which means that if you follow their tips you can get substantial returns.

3. Early Odds

Although they started tipping on football, they then moved to horse racing trying to increase their profits. Punters are getting the tips the night before the race and this gives players enough time to find the best odds, offers before eventually placing the bet.

4. Master Racing Tipster

They have a superb 30% return on investment which is one of the highest in the industry. In the last year, they have managed to make 11 out of 12 profitable months. The strike rate is around 29% and the system is simple to follow with 1 or 2 bets suggested per day on average. For this reason, there is little work for you to follow them.

5. Profit Maximiser

Even if they are not solely focused on horse racing, Profit Maximiser has been one of the favourites out there for few years one and it is not difficult to see why. The system is particularly successful as it also connects punters with the many free bet offers that are available online.

When it comes to making cash from horse racing betting, there are lots of tipsters that can help and several betting systems. Those are the main things that BestBettingSites.Online suggests to remember when betting on horse racing:

1- You don't need to bet on every race. There are so many fixtures over a year that it will be very easy to lose money if you are just betting for the sake of it.

2 - Never gamble what you can’t afford to lose. Since there are so many horse races, it can become an expensive habit to gamble every day. Betting only what you can afford to lose with a proven system is the best way to go about it.

3 - Do your own research. Do proper research to chose the tipster or system that are legitimate. Assess their results by tracking their activity for a while before committing to anything.

4 - Keep records. It is important that you keep a record of your profits and losses as it will help you to identify patterns and improve overtime

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