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Wednesday 14th August 2019
Horse Racing - the Different Types of Racing and Why It’s Popular for the Audience

Horse racing

Horse racing is one of the best sports that people love to watch. Horse racing is an entertainment sport, but it is usually competitive. It is an ancient sport which was done to determine which horse was the fastest in a particular area. The horses are usually ridden by jockeys and at times they are driven without riders. Thus, it is one of the most loved sports in many cultures. Various types of horse racing exist, and they are:

Flat Racing
Flat racing is a type of horse racing whereby the horses run is a flat area between two points. The distance differs with different countries varying from 400 m to 4 km. This is the most common type of horse racing. Shorter flat races are referred to as sprints whereas the longer ones are called routes. Horses of the same weight compete together for fairness. However, in other special flat races, younger ones and fema§ les are put to compete with male ones. These races usually give huge amounts of money to the owners. Flat racing is practiced in many countries.

Jump Racing
Jump racing is a type of horse racing whereby the horses jump various obstacles. Various types of jump racing exist, and they include steeplechasing and hurdling. In steeplechasing, the horses jump fences and ditches. It is common in the UK, France, the USA, Ireland, and Australia. Hurdling is when the horses jump over hurdles which are usually over three and a half feet high. It is common in the UK.

Harness Racing
Harness racing is when the horses go around a track pulling a driver and a sulky behind them. The horses are divided into two groups which are trotters and pacers. Both of them are standardbreds. Pacers move their side legs in tandem whereas trotters move their diagonal legs together. This race is highly modified.

Why You Should Watch Horse Racing
Now that we understand horse racing, it is important to know the different ways it becomes interesting for the audience. The audience loves this game due to various reasons:

Make Money
It feels good to make money out of a sport. The horse owners make money when their horses win. Also, people who do not own the horses in a race, make money by betting. Many online sites gives the audience a chance to bet a game. If a horse that someone has a bet on wins, they make money from the site which they placed their bet on. Also, a gambling station is usually present at many horse races. At those places, you can make your bet in real life instead of at a virtual platform.

It’s a Culture
Horse racing is a cultural activity in many countries. Therefore, when people attend the horse racing event they feel satisfied that they are practicing their cultural activity. Therefore horse racing becomes interesting when other cultural activities are included in the race such as naming the horse traditional names.

It gives a Chance to Constantly Learn
Horse racing is exciting because it gives a chance to learn. Many people learn real-life lessons from horse racing. It has taught people the importance of training. If a horse is not properly trained it will not win. Also, many people love horse racing because it teaches them losing is a learning process.