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Monday 16th March 2020
Why Bingo Is Catching on Among UK Gamblers?

Believe it or not, the bingo industry is experiencing a resurgence in recent years and this is especially true when it comes to online bingo in the UK. It’s true, online bingo is increasingly popular and there are many reasons for this trend in the gambling industry.

In case you might be asking yourself, the bingo industry is responsible for approximately £700 million gross yield in a gambling industry worth £5 billion. With this accounting for less than 3% market share in the UK, recent studies indicate this figure is rising steadily.

But what do these figures really say about the bingo industry?

Well, land-based bingo is certainly the most popular but online bingo is catching up rather quickly. In fact, crossing into the digital world has meant the appeal of bingo is reaching out to a younger and much more tech-savvy audience. In fact, while not everyone plays bingo, more than 3 million people log in to online casinos in the UK.

Why Online Bingo is Attractive

Bingo is played all over the world and while slightly different rules might apply in each country or region, the general theme is largely the same. For example, 75-ball bingo is common in the United States, while 90-ball bingo is mostly played in the UK. However, things have changed quite a bit with the emergence of online bingo and variations of this popular game. That is to say, you can play both of the above versions online which opens up a greater number of potential prizes and ticket prices. What’s more, online bingo provides many different rooms in which players can participate and certain twists that bring an added element of excitement to the actual game itself.

Just so you know, it’s even possible to play bingo games with a theme related to a particular movie, show or television program. And that’s just part of the story…

Let’s take a closer look at why Bingo is catching on so quickly with UK gamblers:

Reasons Why Bingo is catching on so quickly with UK gamblers:

1. Quick and Secure Registration

Online bingo requires very little time in terms of registration and players can usually get started in just a few minutes. While you must be a UK resident to play on most online gambling sites, the verification process is also very quick. As a rule, entering your payment details is the most time-consuming part of registration but even this process is extremely fast. In terms of security, provided you choose carefully, online casinos can also be trusted with your hard-earned money nowadays. Either way, after depositing a small sum, you can start playing immediately.

2. More Variety of Bingo Games Online

Most of the best online casinos offer a variety of bingo games that you simply cannot find in a land-based bingo hall. For instance, popular television shows such as “Britain's Got Talent” have been used as a theme for online bingo games. Aside from branded games, you can also choose between the variations we mentioned previously in this article, and this will dictate the speed and complexity of the bingo game. As if that’s not enough, some of these games are more social than others and use chat rooms and exciting prizes to get online bingo players interacting with each other.

3. You Can Find Better Odds and Payouts in Online Bingo Games

Most online bingo games have relatively large payouts for smaller stakes. You might feel somewhat concerned to see this at first but online bingo games are able to use other games/websites to generate large payouts. In other words, there is nothing fishy going on and many online bingo games will simply provide better payouts than land-based bingo halls. Also, many online players are surprised to learn that payouts for online bingo games are on the rise. For just a thirty pence stake, one UK resident even received more than £5 million while playing online bingo and this is obviously just one of many winners.

4. Easy Mobile Access and Improved User Experience

It should go without saying that online bingo games are incredibly convenient. After all, you can play these games on any device and in any location. Mobile technology has also improved dramatically in recent years which means the user experience is often just as good on a frugal mobile phone as you might find on a powerful laptop. According to recent studies, this trend has resulted in a 10% increase in online gamblers each year, and these statistics are just as relevant to online bingo games as any racing website. Now, it should be said that ease of access is great but the improved user interface and experience is equally important when it comes to enticing new players.

5. Online Bingo Games Thrive as Land-Based Bingo Halls Disappear

It’s no secret that the number of Bingo halls has been in decline for a very long time. In fact, this article in the New York Times was published more than ten years ago and illustrates the fall of these old school haunts. While some halls still exist, land-based bingo halls continue to disappear and this is all in spite of the play-ability of the game. That is to say, bingo is still a popular game and so while these halls continue to disappear, the online world is enabling the bingo industry to rise from the ashes.

Final Thoughts

Bingo was once considered a pastime for the elderly, but online casinos have really transformed the bingo industry in recent times. With this in mind, bingo has gone from land-based halls to the realms of an infinite online realm, and the result is greater variety and significantly improved experience. And at a time when land-based halls continue to disappear, the resurgence of bingo online is certain to continue in the future.

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