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Tuesday 9th June 2020
All You Need to Know About No Deposit Bonuses


Only a few years after its introduction into the scenes of online casino, the no deposit bonus has grown to become the most popular of all bonuses. This is not surprising because the benefits that players get from the no deposit bonus is far greater than that of any other bonus, and any casino that knows its onions will effectively utilize the no deposit bonus to its advantage. However, not every no deposit bonus is worthy of your time. This is because some no deposit bonus comes with stringent conditions attached to them, and it makes it extremely difficult for players to utilize such bonuses. To get the best out of this bonus, you need to play at the right casino, and that's why we recommend visiting for the latest information on no deposit bonuses.

If you are a beginner in the world of online gambling, you might find it very difficult to understand what no deposit bonus is and how to use it effectively to your benefit. So, in this piece, we will be taking you through the basics of the no deposit bonus and how to make the most of it.

About No Deposit Bonus

The no deposit bonus is a bonus offered by online casinos to their new customers. Once a new player registers in a casino that offers the no deposit bonus, he will meet some money in his account. This free money can be used to play games at the casino without the player depositing any money. Some casinos offer free spins; instead, these free spins can be used on certain games on the site. One of the advantages of the no deposit bonus is that it allows players to test run the casino services and features before fully committing to the casino financially. The casino also benefits because if you like their services, you will most likely become their customer.

But take note that the no deposit bonus is quite different from the deposit bonus, this is because you do not need to make any deposit to utilize the no deposit bonus, so you will be getting lesser money than you would have gotten if you had opted for a regular bonus. Some sites offer as much as $50 but the conditions you have to meet to withdraw the profit gotten while playing with the bonus is usually very difficult to meet.

How the No Deposit Bonus Works

The no deposit bonus works in several ways depending on the reward offered to you by your online casino. The most popular of this bonus is the free spins and free cash. Both are not offered at the same time by the casino, so it's either you get free spins or free cash (this is usually seen in your account immediately you register). This bonus is usually given to players before they make their first deposit and it is usually tied to the fulfilment of some conditions on the site.

You might be puzzled as to the reasons why casinos offer the no deposit bonus; the reason is very straightforward. They do it to offer you the opportunity of testing their offers and hopefully get you hooked to their site even after the free cash or free spins are exhausted. This is one of the best ways to attract customers and reward new players with lucrative bonuses.

The no deposit bonus should not be seen as free money; this is because there are usually stringent conditions attached to this bonus and if you fail to meet these conditions you won't be able to withdraw winnings made via the bonus. In other words, you may have no other option than to spend your own cash in order to claim winnings made from such bonus.

Some online casinos even set a limit on the money you can earn from using the bonus, e.g. if you are given $15 as no deposit bonus when you register, you might not be given the access to withdraw more than $40 from the winnings made while playing with the bonus.

Games That Complement the No Deposit Bonus

As mentioned earlier, the no deposit bonus is usually tied to some conditions to be fulfilled, and failure to fulfil such conditions will lead to the loss of the bonus. One of the conditions includes the types of games that should be played while using the bonus. This is usually common with the free spins bonus. The online casino will most likely choose the best games on their list, with the hope that you will be satisfied with the games and ultimately return for more action even after you exhaust free spins or free cash.

It is at this point that the house edge percentage really matters. You must carefully study the house edge of games recommended by the online casino on the use of the free spins. This is because there is a house edge on all casino games, so you must play games with a lower house edge (lower than 3%) to have the best winning chances.