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Monday 25th January 2021
The Details that Advanced Horse Racing Bettors have to Consider

Horse racing is great fun for many reasons. For some, the chance to watch a thrilling, tight race, with the jockeys pushing the horses to their limits, is great viewing. For the majority though, horse racing is all about betting.

Whether you are having a tiny wager on the 100-1 longshot, or go for the favourite, there are lots of different ways to be involved. However, there are ways in which you can help yourself. Here we will explain the different factors that the more advanced bettors out there must consider, which should stand you in good stead when you check the latest horse racing betting odds next time.


Whilst this shouldn’t be a definitive factor, it’s always wise to check the form going into a race. Providing the previous runs have been recent, it can give you an insight into how the horse has been performing.

If you don’t know the right people, you may not get the information you need, as to whether the horse is flying in the stables or struggling with an injury. Checking the form will allow you to see how it has performed when it matters.


An important consideration that needs to be assessed is the ground. Different grounds will suit different horses. If there has been rain, and it’s a muddy field, certain characteristics will benefit. Similarly, a heavy surface will place different demands on the horse.

Again, an important way to check this is by looking at the previous of each horse on specific grounds. If they struggle on a certain ground, avoid betting on them until they’re proven. It can be a crucial factor.


Following on from that, you need to check the distance of the race, which is also key. You need to know that the horse has the stamina to do the full distance, which should be checked back to their previous results.

Of course, the longest race in the UK is the Grand National, with the track now four miles and two-and-a-half furlongs, so when it comes to identifying a pick for that iconic race, you need to consider that.

The jockey

Finally, even the best horse in the world may not be able to secure a win without the right jockey guiding them to victory. So, you should check the jockey riding your horse. That will mean checking the races he has had on the horse, but you can also see how well they’ve done under the trainer, examining their relationship.

The jockey can be particularly important in high-profile races when you would ideally side with experience. For example, backing the likes of Ruby Walsh, before he retired, and Davy Russell who have both had multiple winners in the Grand National, would make sense. The major events bring pressure, which the jockey will need to know how to handle. 

Ultimately, nothing you will do can guarantee a win in horse racing betting, but that unpredictability is part of the fun. But, if you do take it seriously, then doing your homework can be beneficial.