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Monday 22nd February 2021
Major Payment Methods Used by Online Casinos

payment methods

If you are a regular gambler who has had enough fun playing at brick and mortar casinos, it may be time to finally make the transition from gambling at physical locations to gambling online. Nevertheless, if you are set to make the transition, there are two primary things to consider; get the best online casino platform to play at and then choose your preferred online casino payment methods. Hence, to make things easy for you, you can search WeGamble for the best online casino to play at while you run through our list of popular online casino payment methods.

Before you run through this list, it is useful to note that although online banking had previously been regarded with considerable skepticism, it exists presently as one of the most trusted, fastest, and easiest ways to move one's funds. In retrospect, this is due to the remarkable changes that the numerous online money transfer firms have made. In fact, from the comfort of your own home, the popular online casino payment options are available to users. So, you have no need to visit the bank or stand in line just to make your casino deposits.

Most popular online casino payment methods

The payment method you will choose depends mostly on what is available at the casino you register with and what method is allowed in your country. Once that is sorted, you can choose from any of these options below:


The globally known brand, VISA, has acquired a good reputation among its users over the years as one of the safest payment methods around. And it is mainly for this reason that the option of payment is accepted on the net at a plethora of online casinos. If you have used VISA for payment online in the past, you will also find it easy to use at your chosen online casino. Also, because VISA has become one of the most popular debit and credit cards, finding it at an online casino is high.


There are few payment solutions in the online gambling space that are as well-reputed and commonly used as Skrill. With that said, this e-wallet, formerly known as Moneybookers, has long been developed as a fast, convenient and secure way to move cash to and from online casinos. The e-wallet basically provides the same service used by Moneybookers, but better! As a Money Service Company, Skrill offers its customers an extensive range of financial services via the internet. And Skrill is certainly no stranger to the online casino world because of its safety and security and has proved to be one of the most favorable payment options consumers use to move funds.


PayPal has developed to become one of the most common ways of making payments online in the world over the years. And as it stands, with its hassle-free methods of transferring & withdrawing funds and quick payouts, the payment option is definitely no stranger to the world of online casinos. The e-wallet takes the hassle away from bank transfers and checks as an electronic payment option. PayPal as a payment choice has been known for approximately 18 years as a household name and has managed to grow a solid reputation with regard to the online transfer of funds from a business to the account user.


Established in 1966, MasterCard is a leading multinational payment system that has been used in millions of stores worldwide and countless websites in all corners of the web. It is accepted by more than 25 firms around the globe in over 210 nations worldwide. You'll have to register for one at the bank you usually use in order to receive a Mastercard. You may choose to select from the company's four card types as a MasterCard customer. That includeMastercard's credit, debit, prepaid, and business card options.

Almost all high-quality online casino platforms accept Mastercard as a payment method.


Zimpler is an online payment method for casinos that can only be described as easy, convenient, and mobile-friendly in a few words. While this payment option has been available only since 2016, its predecessor 'PugglePay' has been around since 2012, introduced by entrepreneurs Johan Friis and Kristofer Ekman Sinclair. Fast forward to the present, and the founders agreed to rebrand the company and turn it into Zimpler, as it is now called. As a fast-forward thinking business, Zimpler strives to fully realize the customer's expectations and needs. They have also taken a customer-centered approach to ensure that their system delivers the best payment service it can provide.


Neteller is an e-wallet service operated by Optimal Payments PLC, a publicly owned British company born in Canada in 1999. Since the company started, it has moved its headquarters to the Isle of Man in 2001 and has opened offices all over the world. Today, millions of individuals from well over 150 nations use the service to transfer funds to and from suppliers of goods and services, including, of course, online casinos.
Even though Neteller is fairly new, it is actually accepted as a payment method by a growing number of online casinos.


Bitcoin is a currency that differs from conventional currencies like the US Dollar, Euro, and Sterling because it does not use any third party. It has no central bank, unlike other currencies, and operates exclusively through the peer-to-peer marketplace, which makes BTC Gambling very peculiar. Despite suffering from a very turbulent time due to its contemporary existence, its success has gone from strength to strength, along with its credibility over the years. Consequently, thousands of online companies began offering Bitcoin as a payment option in 2014, and now, Bitcoin has also begun to be accepted at many online casinos!


Pay by mobile is a new method of online casino payment that allows gamblers to pay for their gambling sessions via their monthly phone bill. While not all casinos accept Pay By Mobile, more platforms are beginning to embrace it for safety and convenience sake.