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Friday 12th March 2021
How People With Disabilities Have Fun Online

What Are Considered “disabilities” in 2021

Disabilities are bodily impairments that mean an inability to lead an everyday life. Essentially, disabilities are categorised into four main types, namely:

  • Intellectual
  • Physical
  • Sensory
  • Mental illness*

Technology has made it possible for people with disabilities to be able to lead an everyday life. With equipment and skilled personnel that come trained in assisting with such, it's possible. These days, doing something like accessing the internet can now be done by virtually anyone. Our expert Kristoffer Haagensen will share some of his knowledge on this topic.

Online Activities for the Disabled

horse race

Online Gambling

It is known all over the world that contact with horses brings great success for people with certain types of limitations, horses are majestic and strong animals, they attract millions of people. Each of us would not refuse to visit professional horse races, but what about people who have a desire to get closer to the world of horse racing, but there is no physical opportunity? Websites for betting come to the rescue, anyone with a disability can visit the horse races without leaving home, modern technologies help in this.

While the disabled can play games for fun, why not try making a few bucks from experience through an online game found on online casinos. Norwegians have the lucky advantage of sites such as beste nettcasino. It provides lists of top online casinos that any capable player can find and choose from.

Most players can access all game types, such as playing slots and poker online. Have some fun feeling alive with live casinos and enjoy the experience of winning big in the comfort of your own home.


Norwegian institutions such as FutureLearn and Noroff School of Technology and Digital Media allow individuals to study from home while still allowing the learner to receive the needed quality education*. This great addition to education means that disabled individuals that are somewhat confined to their homes and in the mental capacity to study have the opportunity to learn and explore through long-distance learning in any field of choice.

These days, there's fantastic technology designed to assist the deaf and blind and those patients paralysed from the neck down. This means that anything is possible in terms of opportunity and learning for those who are really determined to learn.

Listening to Therapeutic Music and Videos

Just as with physiotherapy and any kind of therapy, the process of healing and maintaining stability is essential. Therapy, in any form, improves physical, mental, and psychological health.

Watching therapeutic video content could involve being part of an online class. With the help of a professional instructor, the classes could lead you physically, mentally or psychologically. Listening to mood-enhancing music online could help you attain relaxation  to calm the mind and practise healthy, comforting habits.

Writing a Book or Article

Norway is known to have an abundance of publishers and small presses. It has massive publishing houses such as Aschehoug, Cappelen Damm, Vigmostad & Bjorke, and Gyldendal*. This creates an excellent opportunity for passionate writers and authors who care enough to feel the need to share their personal story and journey.

The journey to dealing and living with a disability can be very taxing and strenuous for anyone living with it. Stories have proven the importance of support and ever-growing knowledge in that regard. Being part of a supportive community makes all the difference.

Disabled individuals have the option to share their story. They could spend their time researching and writing a book or an informative article on their disability, which could change and inspire another life elsewhere. When it comes to knowledge, no information or story is ever too much because you ever know who may need it.

Keeping in Touch

Another fun and heartfelt activity that a disabled person could do is use online video platforms to contact close friends and family. Fortunately, platforms such as Zoom and many social media video chats provide a video call option to people worldwide, including Norway..


Hopefully, this article piece could cater to anyone looking for parts of fun in games, work, learning, healing, expressing, and connecting. The opportunities are endless.