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Monday 22nd March 2021
Kentucky Derby Betting Guide: Different types of bets

Gambling in the form of betting on a horse race was first popular in England. It spread across the world, and it became a favorite pastime for many people, especially in the US. There are many popular horse racing events in the US nowadays, and one of them is the Kentucky Derby.

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Established in the 1870s, the Kentucky Derby became a hit and is now one of the prestigious and most famous horse racing sports events in the US. Kentucky derby having rich traditions, prep races to enjoy before the main event, and one of the most notable horse racing events in the US, is bound to be enjoyed by horse racing fans and bettors.                        

With $2 being the lowest amount to wager, wagering on horse racing is suitable for beginners to gain experience and knowledge without going bust. If you're new to this or just need a refresher, below are the different types of bets you need to know when betting on the Kentucky Derby or any horse racing sports events.

Standard Wager

Standard wagers, also called straight bets, consist of win, place, show, and across the board. These types of bets were called standard wagers or straight bets because of their simplicity, straightforwardness, and mainly because these betting options are the traditional types that were first used to bet on horse races many, many years ago.


A win bet is as easy as choosing and betting on one horse, and if it wins the race, you succeed and get your payout. But, if the horse loses the race, you will similarly lose, and you're going to have to say adios to your money, my friend.


If you are concerned that the horse you are rooting to win will lose at the end of the game, then you will have to consider this betting option. Place bet can be your back-up plan if the horse you're rooting for loses. If you wager on a place bet, you can still win if your horse places at the top two in the race.


If you're still concerned that the horse you're rooting for won't place at the top two, show bet is the solution for you. Show bet is like the place bet but instead of just covering the top two, show bet covers the top three positions in the race. If your horse wins either the top one, two, or three, you will still win. Take note that the payouts in this bet are lower than the place bet.

Across the Board

If you want to increase your winning chances, you can opt for this type of bet. In the Across-the-Board bet, you can easily combine the other three standard wagers in one selection. It's three-wagers in one.

Exotic Wager

The exotic wagers are wagers that involve betting on two or more horses. In this type of bet, you can bet either on a single-race or multi-race. That is why this type of bet is categorized into two, the Vertical (single-race exotics) and the Horizontal (multi-race exotics). The payout is most likely high in exotic wagers because it is harder to win than standard bets.

   Single-race exotics

This category is for the bets on a single race. In these betting options, you have to predict the finisher's order in a race, either in order or not.

• Exacta Bet

Exacta bet is betting on the top two horses in the exact order.

• Quinella Bet

Quinella bet is just like the Exacta bet, but the difference is you don't have to get the exact order of finishers.

• Trifecta Bet

Trifecta bet is a betting option where you have to bet the top three finishers of the race in the exact order.

• Superfecta Bet

You have to bet on the top four finishers of the race in the exact order in a superfecta bet.

• Super Hi-Five

And lastly, the super hi-five bet, if you think you are good enough to predict the top five finishers of the race, then this type of water is suitable for you.

 Multi-race exotics

Multi-race exotic bets are bets for two or more consecutive races.

• Double

The double or daily double bet is a betting option where you have to pick a winner in a back-to-back race.

• Pick 3/Pick4/Pick 5/Pick 6

Pick 3, Pick4, Pick 5, and Pick 6 is just like the daily double, but the number of consecutive races increases along with the winners you’ll have to pick.


It is fun wagering in any sports, especially on horse racing like the Kentucky derby. But, before placing any bets, it is best to know first what betting options are available so you can find a way to enjoy more and win more. Knowing different betting options is also good for formulating strategies. You can use the information above to guide you on your betting journey, beginner or not.