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Monday 26th April 2021
Is it Better to Play Live Online Casino Games or Visit a Land-Based Casino?

A night out at a casino is where you and your friends will find entertainment and gaming opportunities. The venues have style and glamour, a place where you can socialise over drinks and a meal. With advances in online technology, live gaming has created the ambience of land-based casinos that can be accessed from your smartphone, wherever you are. Here we look at the pros and cons of playing live online casino games or a land-based casino.

Live casino gaming online


Convenience is the main advantage of online gaming.  In recent years, the industry has made significant strides in creating live casino online which recreate the ambience of a brick-and-mortar casino where live dealers are filmed at gaming tables where players can talk with the dealer and other players through their smartphones and other mobile devices. Online live dealer games are accessible every hour of every day and can be played on a range of mobile devices.


When visiting a land-based casino, you are likely to be offered complimentary refreshments as an incentive to stay a bit longer. The regular offers at online casinos are almost always more generous since the business does not have the overheads of land-based casinos.  Online, you will be offered a welcome bonus or loyalty bonuses on some games, plus free spins on the slots.

No need to dress up

Playing live casino games online means that you do not need to dress up for a night out.  Nor do you have to consider the costs of travel to the casino and money for refreshments. You can simply sit at home in your pyjamas. In live casino games, you can talk to the dealer and other players at the table if you wish to, though this is not the same as mixing with others in a casino environment.


Being able to play live online offers you some privacy to focus on your gameplay. There are fewer distractions online and you have the freedom can check your game plan during play, which is impossible in a casino venue.

It’s easier to lose track of your cash

When playing online, is very easy to spend more money than you can afford. At land-based casinos, the risks are lower as you need to go to a cash machine or a cashier to get additional funds which gives you time to consider if you want to play another game.

Visiting land-based casinos

Supporting your local community

Land-based casinos employ local people as cashiers, croupiers, cleaners etc. You can contribute to the local economy by visiting a live casino in person.

An immersive experience

Even with the best technology, online casinos cannot replicate the ambience, sounds and smells of a land-based casino. Part of a night out is in the planning, getting dressed up, having time away from the usual routine etc., which is not replicated when playing online on your commute to work.

Experience is an advantage

At a land-based casino, other players can see you at the table and will be looking for signs of weakness or bluffing in your gameplay.  This cannot happen with online play, but it can add to the excitement of play.