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Wednesday 5th May 2021
Online Casino Bonuses Guide

The existing competition among the different online gaming providers was why they started to give away bonuses in their different modalities. This was the best way to differentiate themselves from other casinos and give a special touch to attract more customers. On the other hand, they took advantage of the boom of online casinos and the absence of this type of gift in physical casinos to attract visitors.

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In this bonus guide, we want to explain to you how to get started with your first deposit bonus in an online casino. Besides, you can always check review websites to find the best deposit bonus recommended (入金ボーナス おすすめ) for you, which will make your experience with that first casino bonus unbeatable. However, before you secure that deposit bonus and make that first deposit, take a quick look at this guide!

The Best Casino Bonuses

In 2021, online casinos have taken a new turn to satisfy all customers, whether new or existing. And because every customer is unique and has a different betting style, whether it's using the double Kokomo method (ダブルココモ法) in roulette or wanting to get the most out of your winnings, bonuses are bound to vary greatly. Even if you don't use the Kokomo method, take a look at the six most famous online casino bonuses:

  • No deposit bonuses
  • Free spin bonuses
  • Deposit bonuses
  • Welcome bonus
  • Sign-up bonus
  • Cashback bonuses

How to Receive Free Money in an Online Casino

To use the online casino's bonuses and promotions, even in Japanese gambling, the player must be aware that they are not transferable. That is to say, it is only possible to receive one promotion per account. The complimentary voucher is given out once the person registers on the page, for which it will ask for an email account and a credit card. Careful because the site will also indicate that the bonus can only be accessed from a device with a unique IP address and the player's identity document.

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In other words, the player will not be able to use - at least on the same device - the same email account or the same credit card previously used, with the idea of receiving another one.

Remember, avoid trying to cheat the betting site! Even if the regulations vary from one online site to another, we can assure you that this is a rule of most of them. And by the way, it is a rule on which they are very strict. Failure to comply with the conditions could lead to penalties in cancellation of winnings and account suspension.

That is why the player needs to be sincere at the moment of registration with the information requested. When the operator checks it, it does not present any inconvenience that may result in the loss of accumulated winnings and account suspension.

Given the scam to the online platforms in which some of the registered players in some countries have incurred, who turned around the regulations of the slots sites to redeem all the promotions given to them for real money, specific online sites have taken extreme measures. They have more than once suspended the granting of vouchers in some geographical regions.

So a good tip from this bonus guide is to read the conditions of the free money you are getting before accepting any of them.

Legal and Reliable Casinos and Betting Sites

Another of the main tips in online gambling to follow is for the player to verify the reputation of the online platforms where they intend to give their personal information. Some sites register the online opinions of players who have played on these platforms before.


In this way, the player can be nourished by truthful information from peers that will guide their future selection. Remember that on the Internet, there are thousands of serious and highly reputable online sites for casino games and bonuses this year. Still, thousands of others only keep the facade of unscrupulous people who seek to steal the identity of many inhabitants to steal their money. Here's how it's done step by step:

  • Check out our reviews on licensed operators.
  • Check the terms and conditions of the promotions to play
  • Analyze well each site you play on.

Bonus Terms and Conditions

We know that very few people spend a few minutes reading the small print displayed on the screen when you are trying to download a program or register to a page. But in the case of bonus offers, this is another essential tip. Before playing casino games, you must understand well how the platform bonuses work. Knowing the terms and conditions will save you from lots of bad feelings or save yourself the regret of losing your winnings because you didn't read a minor detail. Let's see everything you need to know:

However, it is not enough to have read them once. Every time you receive a new bonus, you will have to reread them. Online casinos may have very important legal terms and conditions that change regularly as they see fit. Suppose, for some reason, a website decides not to pay the player the winnings accumulated from the bonuses. In that case, the player will not claim the stipulations of the conditions because he will not know them if he accepted the contract automatically without reading the terms and conditions.

Some of the conditions that may be imposed to redeem the winnings generated with the bonus are related to the time of play and the amount played. That is to say, on some occasions, the wagering requirements establish that to be able to redeem your winnings obtained from the voucher, you must also have accumulated winnings with real money. In this way, it also encourages players to invest their real money.

So if you are thinking of accepting the gift, play just a couple of spins and then redeem it for real money, forget it. The minimum playing time and the number of spins or bets are stipulated in the terms and conditions. The operator indeed wants the player to feel happy on that platform. Still, we must not forget that they are companies that seek profit. Although giving away money is part of their strategy, they would soon go bankrupt if they did it without conditions.

Another feature is that once received, they have an expiration date, and not every online casinos offer can be used in all the games on the site. These are also conditions that are reflected in the gift acceptance contract.

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