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Tuesday 8th June 2021
The Top 4 Online Casino Games for Horse Racing Fans

Horse racing is an ancient and legendary sport that remains adored by legions of fans around the world to the present day.

Within horse racing culture, there s a deep love for gambling. People bet on horses because it can be both light-hearted fun and competitive (as some fans take it more seriously than others). The Grand National is a great example of this – there are the fans who place casual bets on the day, whilst others spend months researching which horse they think is going to win.

Because of horse racing s relationship with gambling, many horse racing fans also enjoy playing in online casinos. Online casinos are the same as physical casinos – the only difference being that you re playing using your phones or tablets to play the games, rather than visiting a casino. It s incredibly convenient for modern living, as people often don t have time to get dressed up and go to a casino in person.

With that said, let s look at the top four casino games for horse racing fans.

Horse racing slots

Due to the demand for online slots, there are now tons of different themed slot machines available for fans.

There are slot machines based on movies, like Harry Potter and The Hangover, and there are also slots based on music, too.

However, as a horse racing fan you re probably most interested in slots that have a horse racing theme. Most horse racing themed slots have different coloured horses and rider equipment as the symbols, which makes it super appealing to horse racing fans. Some casinos offer these types of slots, but others don t. 

There are tons of online casinos on the digital market, so it can be confusing to know who you should make an account with. Check out to get started. They provide a detailed comparison of the best online casinos, with ratings and other relevant information.

2. Video poker

Video poker is a key game for most online casinos. So, if you re a horse racing fan who likes a challenge, video poker is the game for you.
Remember, though, you shouldn t wildly dive into any poker games without any prior experience or knowledge.

To be good at poker, you need to know all the hands and have a couple of decent strategies in mind, whether it s fast-playing strong hands to increase the pot value or always folding whenever you re uncertain about your hand.

The more you play online video poker, the better you will become – just don t be like these guys!

3. Roulette

Roulette is loved by both casual casino fans and the pros. Quite simply, it s a blast to play at home when you re not working and fills every player with uncontrollable excitement as they eagerly wait to see where the ball will land.

4. Blackjack

Blackjack is another favourite of horse racing fans. It s what you could call the diet version of Poker, as it s far less complicated but still a card-based game. Basically, the aim is to have a higher hand than the dealer without going over 21. Try to bear in mind when playing that win streaks don t last forever in blackjack. You may find that you re winning a lot – but don t allow yourself to get carried away. After a substantial number of wins, you should walk away and play again next time.