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Thursday 26th August 2021
Horseracing: A Guide for Beginners


Most people will have heard of horseracing at some point in their lives. The mention of the sport invokes images of intense bouts, with punters screaming in the stands for their staked horse to win the race. Fortunately, for beginners, the sport of horseracing is very easy to get to grips with which is perhaps why is it is so accessible. There is no doubt that horseracing is one of the most exciting sports to watch; this combined with its accessibility make this one of the best sports for beginners to get into. Those who are looking to know more about horseracing should utilise this guide for the best understanding.

At its core, horseracing is not unlike any other races that humans compete in. Historically, humans have always been competitive and wished a desire to test their natural speed against others. The same concept was there when horses began to be used as a mode of travel and thus the sport was born. In a nutshell, a horserace is purely a test of speed though it can also test a horse’s endurance. Because the concept is so simple to come to terms with, the basic premise of the sport has seen no real chance from its inception. However, it did use to be something that was reserved for the elite of society and could prove expensive for any other person to attend. As can be seen by its popularity today though, it has transformed into a massive public entertainment business that members of all areas of society can access.

Horseracing is popular all over the world, but it is especially loved in the UK, where it has many famous venues such as Epsom and Ascot. In fact, it is the country’s second most popular spectator sport. Something that many might not consider about horseracing is that it can prove to be a great day out for the family, as kids traditionally can enter free of charge. There is no dress code which means a casual, friendly environment is created at most horseracing events. Some may not know that racetracks offer other facilities that are conducive to a great day out, including restaurants, bars, tea rooms and even halls which can sometimes be hired out for events. The inclusion of these amenities is welcome and provide a break in-between horseracing action.

As is expected, horseracing boasts a popular betting scene that rivals that of sports like football. Horseracing betting stands apart from most others though as there is a certain enjoyment that is gained from partaking in it that is simply unbeatable. Races often last about 13 seconds, which means bettors can find out if they have won or not almost instantaneously. This is compared to sports such as football where bettors typically must wait around 90 minutes for results. The rise in online gambling means that the betting process has gone online, and many odds can be accessed from websites, like at casino genie, for the best horseracing experiences.

Horseracing is one of the most loved sports in the world, and those who are interested in getting into the sport may find this guide useful in navigating their entry.

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