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Friday 20th August 2021
The 1xBet Betting Exchange

Although betting exchanges may, on the surface, appear to offer the same betting opportunities as traditional bookmakers, they differ in several key ways.

With a bookmaker, customers place bets on the outcome of an event, with the bookmakers laying the bet and paying the winnings if the customer’s bet is successful. Betting exchanges, on the other hand, do not lay bets themselves, but rather present a platform enabling customers to back and lay bets against each another.

A key advantage with betting exchanges lies in the fact that they operate in a free market with odds controlled by customers rather than bookmakers. This means they typically offer better odds, enabling customers to find better value – a chief reason why betting exchanges have grown so popular.

Presenting 1xBet Exchange

It is something of a rarity for a sportsbook to also provide a betting exchange. Bookmakers are typically averse to these systems. Not only do betting exchanges prevent bookmakers from setting the odds, but they also allow customers to try their hand at matched betting and arbitrage betting, neither of which traditional bookmakers are particularly keen on.

1xBet Exchange covers all of the world’s leading tournaments, including the UEFA Champions League, the Russian Premier League, the US Major League Soccer, and the Ukrainian Super Cup. The exchange covers a variety of sports, including the NBA and the National Hockey League, as well as lesser-known contests including the Space League, the Setka Cup, and the Belarus Cup.

1xBet Exchange enables bettors to practice 1X2 betting tactics, allowing them to list or place bets on two different outcomes, with separate columns for 1X, 1-2, and 2X wagering. Customers can also try their hand at 1.01 betting, with a surprising number of 1.01 odds listed for various different events. While profits on 1.01 bets may be modest, they do present a higher chance of success, with many bettors adopting the tactic to slowly but surely raise their bankrolls.

Since both bets and lays on the 1xBet Exchange are placed by customers without participation from 1xBet, the bookmaker lists and accepts bets free of charge, simply deducting a 1% commission from any winning bet. If the bettor loses, they pay nothing. Compared with other betting exchanges and sportsbooks, where fees may be as high as 6%, 1xBet’s 1% commission presents excellent value for money, enabling bettors to place or list bets across numerous markets with excellent odds.


1xBet operates across 20 different markets and abides by all relevant regulations in every jurisdiction in which it offers its products and services.

1xBet is committed to supporting responsible gambling and its policy sets out its commitment to minimise the adverse effects of problem gambling and to promote a positive, responsible experience for its customers.

1xBet does not offer its products and services to customers in the UK.