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Thursday 2nd September 2021
What Makes Horse Racing Different from Other Sports

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Horse racing as a sport

Despite how horse racing has been around for years, and in all this time it has not really changed, and there have been more outstanding ways that it has been switched up, it is still astoundingly popular worldwide, with its most popular countries being; the USA, the UK, Australia, and Japan. However, in many other countries it is much loved too.

It began long before the Ancient Romans and Ancient Greeks enjoyed it, and we can bet that Julius Cesar was loving a bet or two on the races in his day, but we still love it now. The horse racing industry has grown, and it is now worth a good billion dollars, and people tune in, more than ever, all around the world to watch these horses compete.

One cannot help but wonder, how exactly this sport became so popular. We cannot ignore the betting side of this sport, as you will see when you visit TVG, as these two are age-old friends, and the betting industry around this sport is one of the ways in which it really stands out from the crowd.

Betting- How horse racing differs

One of the areas in which horse racing most differs from other types of sport is in betting. In the US, while American Football tops the charts when it comes to money made from betting, it does not compare to how widely the whole world bets on horse racing.

However, the fact that horse racing is a worldwide bettors sport is not the only way in which it differs. There are plenty of ways in which the betting industry around horse racing differs from other sports that have high betting rates.

Let’s see how.

Endless variables

One of the things that you will find with horse racing is that it allows for a much greater range of variables than you will find in any other sports that you can bet on. If you have ever bet on a horse race then you will know what we are referring to, there are so many variables available.

It takes a knowledgeable and experienced bettor to regularly pick the right horses and select the most profitable bet. This makes horse racing a perfect choice for gamblers who love a bit of research.

It holds such history and statistical outputs that gamblers can access to help decide their bets. But some of the variables that we are referring to include the fitness of the horse, how they previously performed, what other horses were in the meetings and the current form of the horses.

More chances for underdogs

Every race, even and competition contains so many horses, even an underdog has a chance at shining. This increases the drama around the sport, as it is much less predictable. It is very possible that each race could well be anyone's game. Bettors love this, as it provides the chance for a surprising win.

Plenty of races

Another thing that is different and very beneficial is that the number of horse races is just endless. Most sports have a set season, often ending in a series of playoff and championships. While this can be fun, when the season ends you need to find something new to fill the gap.

For horse racing enthusiasts, races are year long and worldwide. There are still championships and major events, but unlike other sports, there is no set season. And if there is a lull in one horse race, there is always another that you can enjoy.

Many types of races

This brings us to the point of variation, just how many types of races there are. In other sports it is just done in one way, if you want to watch football, you can only watch a match, if you want to watch basketball, you can only watch a game. But horse racing has so much to offer; group races, handicap races, flat races, national hunt races, and more.

Each of these events has a unique set of characteristics, as well as its legends and best racers.

Betting odds are calculated differently

One final thing that is loved about horse racing, and that makes it differ from all other sports, is how the odds are calculated differently. In horse racing bets are ‘pari-mutuel’ which means that all bets are mutual in the sense that the odds are decided depending on the total amount of money that is wagered on each race and each horse This is unique to this sport, and it can make things vary a lot.

This means you could bet when odds are at 4/1, but right before the race it could change to 2/1, meaning you would not make the winnings you originally thought. It keeps things exciting and even more unpredictable.