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Friday 29th October 2021
Biggest Horse Racing Acca Winnings

Winning on large priced horses is something that many of us can only dream of, as it is something we all continuously try and fail. The conditions and outcomes that could possibly affect ACCA bets, makes it incredibly difficult to pick one win, never mind landing all the multiple winners at once. It is a super rare occurrence really. However, there have been a lucky few who tried ACCA betting on horse racing competitions and just happened to make it one of the biggest wins.

Steve Whitely: £1.45 million

That is right. A colossal £1.45 million was won by Steve, an engineer in North Tawton, Devon. This was the biggest ACCA bet win ever recorded within the UK, and believe it or not, it was achieved with no more than a £2 wager from the punter. Back in 2011, he placed a bet on the Tote, only to receive a life changing amount of money.

His selections were the following: Semicolon (2/1), Black Phantom (12/1), Ammunition (16/1), Mr Bennett (16/1), Lundy Sky (5/1) and Lupita (12/1). This cool combination is what allowed him to amass amazing good fortune, much to the bookmaker's dismay of course. However, they did have a little bit of luck. Because, if Steve had managed to place a bet on horses in the SP industry, his winnings would have been even greater - £300,000 more. Yet, we are sure he was not complaining!

Fred Craggs: £1 Million

The next largest recorded win within horse history was from Fred Craggs, who happened to make such a large win on the eve of his big 60th birthday. In 2008, Fred placed a humble 50p accumulator on the selection of jumps at his local William Hill betting shop. The odds he placed were a staggering 2 million to 1, meaning of course he would never imagine that his local bookmaker shop in Thirsk would provide him with the best birthday news he would ever receive.
It was not until he visited another betting shop local to his home, that he released his betting slip which made him an overnight millionaire. William Hill’s spokesman for the brand, believes that this bet made from their own betting shop, was one of the most memorable in their entire history for decades. And, do you want to know the cherry on top of the cake here? It just so happens to be that the selection of horses made by Fred Craggs, were on horses called ‘Isn’t that Lucky’ and ‘A Dream Come True’. Seems like fate had selected its worthy winner from the start!

Anonymous Bettor: £986,807

The winner that managed to make this huge win to their name, decided to keep their name anonymous. However, what we do know here, is that it was back in 2013, that a racing ACCA for a shrewd horse made the punter day, from just a £10 wager overall. The six-fold ACCA was split between multiple races across a 90-minute period. This resulted in the betting shop having to give their biggest payout of the decade, because somebody was confident in placing the edgiest bet of the times!

Darren Yates: £550,000

Darren Yates was a punter who had placed a bet in 1996, for one of the most famous days within British Horse Racing history - Royal Ascot. It is believed that Darren happened to be a huge fan for an Italian jockey (Dettori) that was racing that day, and for that very reason went for the leap in placing multiple ACCA bets on all of the seven mounts he participated in. Some of them actually had huge odds against them of 25,000/1. In total, his wagers came to a modest £67.58.

It was also believed that Darren had made promises to his wife that he would no longer place bets on the Italian Jockey, and despite his word he went and did it anyway. Only to his luck later on in that day, he happened to be watching the selections one after the other from his local pub, to which he was hit with the coolest sum of money in his entire life. £550,000 was awarded to him for his sheer luck and loyalty to Dettori. It was later reported that his winnings and then some were contributed for a pay for point-to-point winner Interconnect back in 2019. Making this the most expensive jumps horse ever to be bought at auction, for a whopping £620,000.