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Wednesday 10th November 2021
Famous Horses Who Made It Through Preakness Stakes History

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The Preakness Stakes is the middle jewel of the Triple Crown, where the events are full of thrilling moments in the final run for the roses or the Kentucky Derby event. Drawing near the most-awaited and final Triple Crown stage, eagerness has driven players to pour all their efforts and skills into this event, resulting in some of history’s most unforgettable moments in horse racing history.

Throughout the years of Preakness Stakes, some iconic comebacks and unexpected winning moments have happened. Here are some of the most unforgettable famous horses that made this sport even more exciting and fun.


Secretariat is known by many legendary record-setting titles but most commonly called Big Red. Big Red is also considered the greatest racehorse because of his multiple wins in the Triple Crown. Big Red stands above all the other horses on the track and even in betting. Big Red is everyone’s favorite, even in odds and other preakness past performances, because he rarely fails the odds.

Secretariat is an award hoarder in the most prestigious horse racing events, especially in Triple Crown. Big Red won all the three events that make up the Triple Crown. Aside from the multiple-award, Big Red is a well-known icon because of his remarkable record of being the fastest horse to win in Belmont Stakes, Preakness Stakes, and Kentucky Derby.

Vogue even gave Big Red the “Clark Gable of horses” title because he kept making record-breaking performances. Big Red was a crowd’s favorite even when he was starting his career in racing. His impressive records of moving from 10th place to fourth was a glimpse of how great he is. When he turned three years old, he was now eligible for bigger races such as the Kentucky derby and dominated the Triple Crown at the time.

Afleet Alex

In the Preakness Stakes 2005, Afleet Alex was the favorite in the field with 14 other horses. Spectators and bettors failed to notice Afleet Alex’s potential during the Kentucky Derby race. After coming third in the Kentucky Derby, Two weeks later, in the Preakness Stakes, he was back in his game.

However in the middle of the game, close to the finish line, Scrappy T suddenly lost composure and ducked out in front of Afleet Alex which caused him to clip his heels and almost stumbled. Afleet Alex’s jockey Jeremy Rose almost fell from his seating position. Despite the hitch in the situation, he failed and took home the award of Preakness Stakes.


Competing with your number one rivalry drives you to exert so much effort to win the game. A healthy competition between a match-up makes the event even more exciting and thrilling to watch.  Alydar is known to be Affirmed’s foe because of their long-term epic encounter with each other.

Alydar and Affirmed are like Celtics and Lakers in basketball. They have clashed on ten occasions, including the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes. They have shared a couple of memorable stretches and a neck-to-neck duel each time they face each other.

In the Preakness Stakes, Affirmed was the one who went out of the gate in a flash and prevailed throughout the race. They both had an epic face-off, but overall, Affirmed always had the lead. When these two are seen together, they always ensure that they put on a show with their best performance.

Rachel Alexandra

Before the Kentucky Derby, a Grade I stakes race for three years old thoroughbred fillies was held where Rachel Alexandra joined. She won the Kentucky Oaks trophy in 2009 and earned her spotlight because of her outstanding stride that led her to win with such an impressive margin. Days after she won the Kentucky Oaks, she joined the Preakness Stakes with formidable challengers, including Mine That Bird.

Mine That Bird was the winning contender for the Kentucky Derby in 2009. Despite being surrounded by the other most formidable opponents, Rachel Alexandra rages her way to the track leading the stretch. Rachel Alexander won the Preakness Stakes defeating the Kentucky Derby winner and other notable horses on the field, proving to those unimpressed about her that she was one rare filly.

After that inspiring win, Rachel Alexander was the first filly to win the Preakness Stakes since 1924. She garnered a lot of attention for being the fifth filly to win the Preakness Stakes. The remarkable win of Rachel alexander caught the attention of the majority because, after 85 years, another filly has won the middle leg of the Triple Crown. 


Bernardini’s win in the Preakness Stakes was memorable not because of his actual winning moment but another contender’s defeat. The tragedy of Barbaro’s injury led to Bernardini’s triumph in winning the 2006 Preakness Stakes. This was the start of Bernardini’s career but the end for Barbaro’s because of the hind leg fracture he got right after coming out of the starting gate.

Barbaro was the most heavily favored horse in betting odds and in terms of performance after winning in the Kentucky Derby. He won the hearts of the racing fans after that. Still, when he suffered a severe fracture that ended his career months later, his injuries and surgeries led to Barbaro’s devastating death because the owners had to euthanize him.

Barbaro was favored in most odds, and the crowd was expecting him to win in the Preakness Stakes to compete at the last leg of the Triple Crown. Unfortunately for Barbaro, he couldn’t finish the race, which led Bernardini to take over the lead and win the Preakness Stakes.

To Wrap It All Up

Horse racing events are traditionally practiced every year to excite the fans and create a competitive atmosphere amongst the contenders. Various unexpected wins, iconic comebacks, setbacks, and memorable moments are seen throughout the race and in the field. The history of some of the most outstanding horses that have ever stepped on the tracks of Preakness Stakes has made an incredible impression to be remembered for us to look back on.