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Friday 19th November 2021
Why Expats are Settling in the UK Permanently

According to statistical reports, about a total of 495,000 people (non-UK nationals) have moved to the UK for permanent residence within the span of 6 years (2010-2016). This significantly increased the migration rate in the UK, which consequently made the country the “top talk” of being everybody’s dream country.

The question lies in why? Why are expats settling in the UK permanently? Why are even more people looking into moving into the UK? This is what we’re going to try to answer in this article.

Note that if you’re already in the process of applying for a visa, you might as well look into details about how to  apply for indefinite leave. This will help you have a more convenient migration process in the long run.

#1: Diverse Job Opportunities

One of the best reasons why people want to move to the UK is because of the diverse job opportunities that the country offers both to its locals and immigrants. The high demands for jobs in various fields plus the benefits are very distinct when compared to other countries of the same spectrum.

For instance, consider the 28 paid off days offered to full-time employees. This is aside from 9 more holidays, although unpaid, that came with the employment. These pros apply no matter what niche you work in, how much your salary is, or what your current status is in the immigration process.

To make the most out of job opportunities, make sure to take the immigration rules of your visa into account.

#2: Distinct Food Offers

The United Kingdom offers a long line of remarkable restaurants, pubs, bars, and even street-side eateries. This makes it a popular choice among food enthusiasts and people who want to make a career out of cuisines.

What makes the UK’s foods more distinct is the experience that you will get while eating. If you eat in pubs, not only will you taste the locals’ expertise in delicacies, but you can also expect to get a touch of their culture. These will be through musical and dance performances, storytelling, and other events.

#3: Convenient Travel Locations

The country at hand is also an accessible place for frequent travellers. Because of the close proximity of the UK to other European countries, it has a whopping number of 24 international airports. This assures convenience in terms of hopping from one tourist spot to another. Not to mention, you can also enjoy only a few hours' duration in between flights.

#4: High-Quality Education

Students also find the UK one of the best places to start or continue their studies because of the country’s high-quality education. With several top-notch universities like the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge, the country is also the top producer of field professionals.

Apart from the extraordinary quality, the UK also offers free education systems and several scholarship programs for private schools.

#5: Free Healthcare

The UK is most famous for its very efficient and free healthcare system, the National Healthcare Services or NHS. As long as you’re one of the country’s residents, you can already expect to be provided with free consultations for all bodily and mental aspects. This is very different when compared to other countries’ expensive health fees.

Note that you may need to avail of legal assistance for more information about being eligible for NHS benefits.

#6: Welcoming Environment

As if the offers of the UK in terms of food, job, and school are not enough, many people also like the welcoming nature of the people in the country. The country is known to be kind to tourists and new immigrants. Hence, you can expect little to no issues with discrimination and unfair treatment.

As for the crime rate, you can expect that it is currently low and is continuously decreasing, according to several reports.

#7: Balanced Nightlife and Eco-Friendliness

The last reason why a lot of expats want to settle in the UK is because of the balanced nightlife and green environment that you can find in the city. Despite the nightlife culture in the UK, which is very “wilder” compared to others, the country is still known to maintain its sustainable culture and green environments. This is why it’s equally popular among environmentalists and revellers.


As you can see, you have nothing more to ask for when you move to the UK. As long as you migrate through legal processes, you can expect to get the full experience of the said benefits above. You will also be able to feel free in exploring the wonders of the United Kingdom and its cities. Not only that but there is also a very high chance of you witnessing more good things than just the ones said above.