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Saturday 27th November 2021
5 Sports Betting Strategies for Beginners

Betting is a great way for sports fans to feel more invested in sports events. It doesn't necessarily need to be an activity focused on making huge piles of money (although that wouldn't hurt). Betting brings a fun side and a competitive edge to watching sports.

If you are a betting noobie looking to expand your involvement in sports or make a profit, you would be smart to devise a basic strategy so you don't get too discouraged by frequent losses.

Your beginner strategy should, among other things, include these five simple steps.

1 Focus on one sport

Few people can say that they are a sports savant who knows all the rules, teams, and little quirks of every sport out there. Therefore, it would be wise to pick one sport that you can focus on.

Pick a sport that you are already familiar with and that you already enjoy watching. For example, it will be extremely hard to make a smart decision when making a bet on a cricket event if you can't name the team, don't know any rules, and most of all, if you find it boring. That way, betting itself becomes meaningless, and you stand little chance of success.

When it comes to which sports to choose, a casual sports fan can never go wrong with choosing soccer, as it is the most popular sport in the world, especially for betting. There are vast amounts of statistical data about virtually everything related to soccer, and you can easily inform yourself and follow any game in any part of the world. It is highly enjoyable to watch, you'll catch on quickly, and betting will make every game even more exciting.

2 Focus on one team

Always keep in mind that betting is more than sheer gambling. The more informed you are, the more chances you have of placing a successful bet. Therefore, focusing on a single team or a single player (if it is an individual sport) will make it easier to follow the stats, always stay in the loop, and decide what or whom to bet on.

You can find all the betting advice you need on Betting Spot, where you can see live streaming options, track the scores, and follow the stats on the team you want to focus on, so it will be no trouble recording the numbers and making a plan for the next bet.

3 It's not only about the score

When people think about sports betting, they tend to focus on the end result. However, sports betting is so much more than that, and there are many options when it comes to what you can bet on. Considering the fact that some of the unusual bets that you can make include Who Will Be the Next Pope, one can safely assume that a sports event offers a lot more than just the winner/loser category.

For instance, you can bet on how much time a certain player will spend on the court, how many total fouls will have happened by the end of the match, whether or not a 'troublesome' player will create an incident. These alternative categories offer great chances of success because the quotas on them are often very generous. With the right set of information, you could make a correct guess about something other players weren't thinking about at all.

4 Consider making small bets

Smaller bets bear less risk.

A smart beginner will consider placing smaller amounts of money on their bet, at least in the early stages of their betting career. With efficient budget management, they will collect more data, learn as they go, make their own winning plan while not risking losing vast amounts of money, which would end their love for betting in no time. And even though the bets are small, they keep the competitive juices flowing all the same. Winning a small amount of money is still a pleasure.

It's always better for a beginner to make multiple smaller bets than to invest all of their money in a single event.

5 Keep yourself informed

Staying in the game requires staying in the loop.

Always learn, keep track of all information that can influence the success of your bets. That includes the players' health status, trades, relationships between players and the management, personal situations, previous numbers - the list goes on.

It's clear that you can't collect all of this data all by yourself. Luckily, there are newsletters, social media pages of players, teams, and fan groups. You should subscribe to at least a couple of newsletters, preferably mutual competitors that will always serve you fresh information and get you one step ahead at all times.

Social media is rich with information pages, latest news about every conceivable thing you could be interested in when it comes to sports.

The takeaway

Going from a newbie to an expert requires both passion and dedication when it comes to sports betting. The trick is never to give up, use your funds in moderation, learn incessantly and never chase your losses. This way, you'll definitely be able to step up your game in no time at all.

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