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Thursday 9th December 2021
5 Reasons to Use Paypal for Deposits and Withdrawals at Casinos Online

Online casinos and other gambling sites are known for their top selection of entertainment. There’s something for everybody. And new and exciting games and ways to bet are emerging all the time.

But accessing the action requires a little cash to enter the equation. And to do this, a payment gateway will act as a go-between for the players and their chosen casino site. However, the selection of payment options is growing steadily and customers now face a choice.

There are some old faithfuls in the industry that we use time and time again. Debit cards and transfers, for example, have been around for many years and some players prefer the comfort of sticking to what they know. And then there are more modern variations such as mobile phone payments that are also a reality at most sites.

But each presents various upsides and downsides.

One contender that has proved itself to be worthy of everybody’s attention is the electronic wallet. Or an e-wallet for short.

Within this product subtype, there are several brands on display. But few tick as many boxes as PayPal.

What is a PayPal casino?

Any online casino that accepts PayPal as a deposit and withdrawal method falls under this bracket. It isn’t a special type of brand; they simply have this payment option available.

You’ll find similar terms used with other payment products too. So don’t think that you only have this payment method available at these sites. It’s just an easy way to describe one of the services they offer.

Why choose PayPal casinos?

PayPal offers an amazing way to move cash between individuals as well as businesses and their customers. You can add funds to your account, accept payments from other people and attach a bank to your account too.

And these funds are ready to move on to wherever you decide to make a purchase or casino deposit, for example.

Payments are free

Making a PayPal deposit won’t cost a penny in most cases. Although you should always check this detail with the brand you use. Some operators have chosen to add small fees for all kinds of transactions over the years. But players are becoming wise to this ‘tax’. With so many brands now available, there seems little point in paying out extra fees just to top up your casino balance. And PayPal agrees!

Transactions are instant

As soon as you hit the ‘pay now’ button, the money changes hands straight away. You should see your balance change as soon as the confirmation screen shows. This means that your cash is ready for you to use as soon as you like. Other methods don’t have this luxury. So it’s always something to consider if time is of the essence.

Best selection of PayPal games

Being one of the most popular payment gateways on the planet means that PayPal is in high demand. Not just with players, but with the casino brands too.

The very best sites are falling over themselves to partner up with this international e-wallet. And with the best sites, you get the best games. So if a huge selection of the latest slots and classic table games is important, then this will definitely help to confirm your choice.

Safe and simple transactions

A PayPal casino UK makes it very easy to get your funds in play and does so without compromising the security of your cash. The platform uses the very highest levels of encryption and data transfer protocols when it carries out any task. And thanks to the massive tech investments made by the brand over the years, this doesn’t slow things down either.

Supports multiple currencies

As an international brand, PayPal has the advantage of having hundreds of currencies at its disposal. And sometimes this is essential for customers who choose to play casino games at sites that aren’t hosted in their home countries. Currency exchange is automatic with this product and they will show you exactly what rate you’re getting while making the switch. Although there is usually a small fee for performing a payment like this and the exchange rate may not be the best available.

How to find a PayPal site

The great thing about today's modern casinos is the choice that you get. And everything is now personalised so it all happens exactly how you like it. Choosing a payment method is very dependent on the customer and how they like to perform online transactions.

Given that they undertake over 40 million transactions a day, you know that PayPal is one of the very best options for most players.

There are loads of sites currently accepting the platform and they are super easy to find. Check out this list of the most popular UK casinos currently offering Paypal deposits to find your perfect place to play.