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Tuesday 25th January 2022
Could Racing Sims Become a Thing?

Not everyone can become a jockey, and even those that do get the chance to ride for a living, not all manage to make it onto the biggest stage and race the most interesting courses around the world – that’s why many would be racers turn to the bookies instead as punters can read these tips for Australian horse racing and other markets too. Other racing sports, particularly motorsports, have been benefitting from custom rig set-ups that allow for professionals and amateurs alive to experience the feel of driving without needing to get out there, but can horse racing sims become a thing too?

Horse Race Simulator
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The games that would allow for a realistic feeling are certainly already there as there have been some great horse racing games in the past, and it’s likely that some jockeys have already taken advantage of some of the more advanced horse racing sims in the past – as it’s such a niche market, anything more realistic will certainly be up there in price in terms of the game itself, but if more interest is shown over time then much like sim racing games for motorsports, prices would gradually start moving down.

After that comes the cost of the rig itself – to properly replicate the feeling of being on a horse it does need something more heavy duty with motors and levers to simulate the feeling of horse moving, but this isn’t too far out of the realm of possibilities too as the same already exists for motorsport rigs with real driving simulation – whilst a smaller scale horse rig will take up a bit more space, space is something that could be easily compromised for the passionate riders who would want a similar set-up at home.

Installations do already exist in certain centers and are accessible, but that’s something very different from having easy access at home and something that appears to be quite some time away yet – pricing will always be something difficult to figure out for a niche product like this but if similar options are anything to go by with options reaching the tens of thousands of dollars aren’t out of the realm of options for some, then the truly passionate fans wouldn’t consider that cost to be too high, and many would even find it a very affordable option. Is it an option that will be available in the short term? It doesn’t look like that’s the case, but something that could emerge in the near future with changing tech? It certainly looks to be a common thought.