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Thursday 6th January 2022
Top Trainers and Jockey in the Pegasus World Cup 2022

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One of the factors that punters should pay attention to when betting on a horse in the Pegasus World Cup is the trainer and the jockey.

Both have a significant role in the victory of a horse. If you want to ensure a win on the bet, aside from the horse itself, you should also consider the jockey's capability and the trainer's background.

If you plan to bet for this year's Pegasus World Cup, here are the top three jockeys and the top three trainers you should consider that will possibly join the race this year.

Top Three Jockeys

Here is the list of the top three jockeys riding in the Pegasus World Cup that you should watch out for.

Joel Rosario

Knicks Go is one of the most looked forward contenders of the Pegasus World Cup 2022, after his fantastic win in the same race franchise last year.

Jockey Joel Rosario is the jockey who rode him and helped him reach the finish line first. Knicks Go and Joel have shown excellent chemistry on the race track, contributing to their victory.

Joel was a four-time leading jockey in the Dominican Republic since his first victory at the Galapagos Hippodromo V Centenario last 2000. He allocated time to mastering his jockey skills and went to a jockey school in the Dominican Republic. If you are looking for a dedicated jockey, Joel Rosario is your guy.

Irad Ortiz, Jr.

Another name that is making a buzz as the Pegasus World Cup is nearing is Irad Ortiz, Jr. In the horse racing industry, Life is Good is one of the racehorses that has established a good background. He had excellent odds and past victories that he could not achieve without his jockey Irad Ortiz, Jr.

Otiz is the leading rider in the New York Thoroughbred Racing Circuit for nine years and counting.

Mike Smith

If Irad Ortiz, Jr. will not be able to jockey Life is Good at this year's Pegasus event, you might want to eye for Mike Smith. Ortiz has two horses possibly competing at the Pegasus World Cup 2022: Life is Good and Letruska. If he chooses to ride Letruska, Smith will possibly be the jockey of Life is Good.

Smith is an American jockey who is the leading rider in the United States Thoroughbred. He was known as the top horse jockey since the 90s up to this date. He had the most winning record of Breeder's Cup victories than any jockey. He holds 26 Breeder's Cup wins, earning him his title as a Hall of Famer.

Top Three Trainer

Aside from the ones who ride the horses to their victory, trainers also hugely impact how the horse performs on the racetrack. Here are the three trainers you should watch for the Pegasus World Cup 2022.

Bob Baffert

Everyone in the horse racing industry has already heard about Bob Baffert. He was known because he trained two of the Triple Crown winners American Pharoah and Justify.

He also has multiple horses who won their respective races with his help, including his seven Kentucky Derby winners. Not to mention that he is also a two-time Eclipse Award winner and a Hall of Famer.

However, Baffert has faced controversy recently after his horse Medina Spirit unexpectedly died Last December after his workout at the Santa Anita. Before his untimely death, Medina Spirit was also tested positive for a banned steroid drug, betamethasone, following his victory in the Kentucky Derby 2021.

Brad H. Cox

Another trainer expected to participate in the Pegasus World Cup 2020 is Bob H. Cox. He is currently the number one trainer in thoroughbred horse racing and will still be in the future.

Cox is also a recipient of multiple eclipse awards due to his performance as a trainer to those top racehorses in the industry today.

Despite being the top trainer and the best in his time, many may not know who he is unless you have been an avid horse racing fan for many years. Therefore, if you are new in this industry, remember Brad H. Cox, the trainer of Knicks Go, who won the Pegasus World Cup 2021.

Cox even made it to the top tvg horse jockey and trainers last year as Knicks Go was also a contender in the 2021 race. When choosing a horse to bet on this year, you might want to consider choosing a horse under Cox's care.

Doug O'Neill

Behind a well-known racehorse is a trainer who worked hard to train and condition their horse to become a winner. Doug O'Neill will be expected to be one of the trainers you will be supporting their trainees in the field this Pegasus World Cup 2022.

He is the one behind the achievements of one of the prospective contenders of the 2022 Pegasus race, Hot Rod Charlie.

O'Neill has a long list of winners under his guidance and is expected to grow throughout the years, making him one of the best trainers in this industry if the trainer has a significant impact on how you choose a horse to bet, eye out for a contender that is under O'Neill's care.

A Vital Factors in Wagering

The jockeys and the trainers are essential in choosing a winning horse in a horse race. These people are the ones behind the victories of the horses in thoroughbred horse racing. It is why you should consider the jockey and the trainer when you pick a horse to wager in the 2022 Pegasus World Cup to increase your chance of winning.