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Wednesday 16th February 2022
Can Betting Strategies Help at The Races?

Betting on horse racing is globally one of the most popular sports in the world, it has a huge following across the US, UK, Japan, and Australia too – more information about Unibet in Australia and its horse racing options are easy to find and shows how popular the sport is. There are many players that will swear by certain techniques and strategies to secure a win, but are these strategies as help as some people suggest, and can they really have an impact on how often a bet comes in?

Horse Race

There’s a lot of truth to some tips given – most notably in doing research on both the horses and the jockeys, it’s easy to go into a race on gut instinct alone but putting in the leg work is a tip that should always be followed. Looking at the horses form in previous races particular on similar types of ground and keeping an eye on the jockeys to see how they’re performing too can be a great indicator on whether a favorite should be the favorite, or if there’s unseen value in one of the underdogs running. It’s a great tip and one of the few that can help build a great strategy too and is something that should be considered across any sports betting environment too.

Another tip often given to those looking to build a strategy is not to get emotional and bet on feeling, and this is great for professionals looking to only focus on the winnings but for the good of the sport it’s the opposite of what should be considered a good idea – getting invested in the race, getting excited and finding more enjoyment is what the sport is all about. From a purely subjective standpoint, not getting emotional is the right way to go, but if it’s going to impact enjoyment of a particular race, it’s often better not to include this as part of a strategy.

Something that may not be part of a strategy but a tip that can still help at the races is to keep a complete set of records for previous bets – the most successful winners know what’s worked in the past and what hasn’t and treat it as a learning experience, it’s not going to help a player win more but could be enough to prevent future losses which is often the much better approach to take. It’s good to know personal betting history and results, and much like the first point not just going in on gut instinct alone.