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Wednesday 9th February 2022
The Most Popular Hobbies in the UK

Since the dawn of time, the British have had a strong affinity for pastimes. Today's hobbies might include everything from knitting to bird watching, and everything in between, but in the past most people's interests were craft-related. With this list of the Top 10 Very British Hobbies, which includes anything from knitting to jam making, you'll have lots of ideas for things to do in your spare time. There's sure to be something here that you'll want to at least give a go.

Bird Watching

Bird Watching

Birdwatching is a wonderful pastime for individuals who like the great outdoors and wildlife in general. Birdwatchers who have a decent set of binoculars and a book on bird species identification may find themselves out in the fresh air looking for as many birds as possible. Bird watching may take you anywhere in the great outdoors, as long as you're properly dressed and using solid footwear.

Jam Making

In this case, the completed product serves a useful purpose. During the height of the fruit season, get out the jam pan and start making some delicious jams to last you all winter and even longer. Jam making may be a lot of fun if you have even a passing interest in cooking. It's hard to beat the taste of homemade jam on a piece of bread for breakfast, or on a freshly baked scone straight out of the oven!



Gambling may or may not be considered a hobby, yet it is a common pastime for many English people. Gambling may be as simple as placing a wager on a horse race or as complex as spending a few hours in a casino. A lot of money is wagered on the outcome of competing sporting events, with fans of rugby, soccer, and horse racing all too keen to back their favourite teams to victory. If you wish to partake in such an experience, it is recommended to conduct some research as there are loads of sites out there and also new sites joining the market. A reliable and safe source of information is vital and one of the best ones out there is Sportslens´guide to the best betting sites in UK, including new betting sites comparison and reviews.


While many people now think of knitting as a pastime, in the past it was more of a craft. The talent of knitting was handed down from mother to daughter through the generations. There are numerous functional purposes for knitting, as well as an enjoyable way to spend time in front of the fire or on the couch during the cold winter months.


Gardening is a favourite pastime for the English. If you have even a little amount of room, you can establish a garden of your own. Growing flowers may be both a rewarding pastime and a form of self-meditation. Vegetable gardening not only appeals to those with a green thumb but also provides a constant supply of fresh food for the home. Gardening is a terrific activity, whether you like to enjoy a vase full of flowers produced by yourself or to eat a dinner that includes at least some vegetables grown in your own yard.


The pastime of collecting may bring hours of pleasure and satisfaction for those who are less physically active. Anyone may start a collection of practically anything they can imagine, as long as they have the funds to buy it and the time and inclination to go out and find a unique specimen.

Many collectors locate what they're searching for on the Internet, depending on what they're interested in. The cost of this activity may rise quickly, but it may be possible to get started with relatively little money.

Model trains

Model trains

Many people in the United Kingdom have used the train at least once in their lives, and many continue to do so on a frequent basis. For those who like all things railroad, there's a rewarding activity that doesn't need you to leave your house and is just as enjoyable. Building a train table with tunnels and landscaping and collecting model locomotives and carriages may be a lot of fun. There is a cost to purchasing pre-made models, but those who want to save money may learn how to build their own.


Dancing is a fun way to pass your spare time, whether you like ballroom or current styles. In order to learn how to dance, you'll need a partner for most types of dancing. However, there are numerous sites where you may learn the basics on your own and then show off your new skills. Dancers' bodies may be as dynamic as they want or as relaxed as they like. The slower the waltz, the better for the elderly, while the quicker the cha-cha-cha, the better for the young.


A popular pastime among the elderly In Britain, bingo is still very much alive and thriving. For serious Bingo players, there are specialised bingo halls in certain major cities, as well as regular Bingo nights at local town halls and churches. While there is some element of chance involved in playing Bingo, for the majority of players, it is merely a fun night out with the prospect of winning a reward.

Whatever your passion, you'll find a community of like-minded people all around the world. You can easily find out how many there are in your neighbourhood by doing a simple internet search.