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Thursday 17th February 2022
Tim Harrison from Betzillion Shares the Best Sport Betting Strategies for 2022

Tim Harrison from Betzillion believes that sports betting strategies are something every punter needs to know before placing their bets. If you have ever wondered how the expert gamblers win huge, it is because they know all the top-rated strategies by heart. For those who are new to sports betting, finding the right approach might be a bit difficult. But gladly, Tim Harrison is here to help you now. He is an expert in sports betting strategies; hence, you can rest assured that you will learn about all the profitable strategies by the end of the blog.

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Remember that you need immense patience and hard work to master the strategies. Therefore, once you learn about them, try applying the methods as much as possible and see what results they bring to you. For most gamblers, the results are positive. But you should still see what works the best for you in the long term. So are you excited to learn about the sports betting strategies that work in the UK? If yes, then keep reading until the end!

Learn About the Basics of Betting Strategy at Racing Better

Before you know about the best sports betting strategies working in the market, you need to start from the basics. That is what our team at Racing Better and Tim Harrison believe. Value betting and bankroll management strategy are the 2 most important basics every punter needs to learn. Have a look below to learn more about them:

  • Value betting: as you might already know, bookies are responsible for giving you the more or less correct odds. But there is always a probability that the odds might fail. Hence, it is hard to tell which implied chance is worth it. Now it is you who decides that! For instance, if the bookie shows a 60% implied probability of team A winning the match against team B, and you also think the same, you have found your value bet. You will become better at spotting value bets and gaining more profits with time.
  • Bankroll management: Even value bets can disappoint you. Hence, you should never bet beyond the limit because then you might go broke. You will make a better profit by dividing your funds logically to prevent overspending. If you are not aware of how to gamble responsibly, you can get in touch with GamCare, as they offer free information, support, and counseling to gamblers who need help in the UK. It runs the National Gambling Helpline (0808 8020 133) and offers face-to-face counseling.
  • Get out of Gambler’s Fallacy: Tim Harrison says that many gamblers believe that the past results affect the upcoming outcomes, which is not at all true. This thinking process is termed Gambler’s Fallacy. If you want to win, you need to cut this thought process and understand that each bet outcome is independent of their past results.
  • Follow Kelly Criterion’s formula: Do you want to place more profitable wagers? Of course, you do! Then use Kelly Criterion’s formula to know how much to bet on value. Even though it is not 100% accurate, the formula helps you find an estimate of how much you should be betting on a value so that you do not overspend.
  • Be patient: Tim wants to focus on this point again and again because he feels betting is all about participating without losing your patience. You might not win right away, but with practice, you will someday. Hence, be patient until you get the fruit of hard work!

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Photo by Christine Roy, unsplash dot com

Betting Strategies You Need to Know

Now that you know the basics, Tim is excited to share the top sports betting strategies to help you win huge. Read below to learn:

  • Chasing steam: You will see that a bookie often dramatically changes their odds and make it exact opposite to what it was before. They see that many skilled gamblers were betting on the odds displayed before. They change it to pay less. But some honest bookies keep their odds intact. You need to follow the odds of those bookmakers and bet to earn higher profits.
  • Fading the public: In this strategy, you need to do the exact opposite of what you did in chasing steam. Here, you need to follow the altered odds shown by the bookies and go against the common view.
  • Bet on the outliers: Looking for outliers is another great way of finding consistent value bets. Betting on outliers is usually profitable because the aggregate wagers come from skilled gamblers who decide the odds.
  • Betting on your favorite: Honestly, this is the most common strategy that almost every punter out there follows. You need to place your bet on your favorite team or player irrespective of the odds. Remember, this strategy is risky because you are not following any market trend or particular odds here.
  • Placing bets based on the previous wins: If a team or player has been winning multiple matches in a row, you might want to bet on that because there are high chances of them winning again. It is a good strategy as it works mostly. But Tim suggests not to follow it always because the rabbit loses the race at times!
  • Arbitrage betting: What if you are not sure to bet on which outcome and want to place your stakes on both? Well, it is possible with an arbitrage strategy. You need to find 2 bookies offering opposite odds and place your bets quickly. So whatever be the outcome, you can rest assured of grabbing a win!
  • Dutching and hutching: Dutching and hutching are much similar to each other. In ditching, you place bets on odds that you surely will win, as in arbitrage betting. On the other hand, in hutching, you place multiple wagers, but you are placing a higher value bet to one of the 2 odds.
  • Use betting software: There is multiple betting software that can help you find value bets by keeping track of the odds, outcomes, your betting history, and so on. This software is usually paid for. However, if you are not willing to pay for betting software, you can use an Excel sheet to track every detail related to your bets. It will help you place higher value bets in the future.
  • Dive into calculations: you can also use methods like standard deviation, normal distribution, variance, and Poisson distribution to find out the chances of winning a wager. Mathematical backing will help you bet more confidently.
  • Take advice from tipsters: Tipsters are bettors who cannot bet high on bookies due to certain conditions. Hence, they sell their recommendation for a price. You need to do proper research on a tipster to know whether or not they can be trusted.
  • Matched betting: If you get a free bet as bookmaker bonus offers on one bookie, you can use it to stake on one odd. Then bet on the opposite odds on some other bookie. This way, you can win no matter what the outcome is.

Final Word

Winning at sports betting is not difficult if you know the right strategies. Tim Harrison swears on the success of all the techniques mentioned above. He has been in this industry for a decade now. Hence, you can trust his strategies. Do you want to learn more about sports betting in general? If yes, then visit Also, do not forget to share which sports betting strategies you like the most!