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Wednesday 30th March 2022
Why Do Professional Jockeys Keep Blogs?

The world of professional horse jockeys is one of the most exciting and yet less known. We all know some big names from various sports like football, basketball, gymnastics, tennis, etc. Yet, horse racing, being one of the oldest and most glorious ones, is also one of the most unknown to the general public. However, this situation is changing. More and more professional jockeys choose to start blogging. They write about their lives as horse jockeys, their exercise routines, diets, horses, personal lives, and more. It has become a common practice by now.

However, why is it so popular? Are there any particular reasons why professional jockeys become bloggers? Let’s find out! Here are some of the main reasons why professional jockeys keep blogs these days.

To spread the word

Jockeys are a fun job. Did you know that? Probably not. Jockeys are not a common job. Not many people know much about it or have seen this profession in action. However, it’s a job worth knowing. So, professional jockeys are trying to spread the word online. Why wouldn’t they? Horse jockeys are some of the toughest and most interesting athletes out there. They take pride in what they're doing. So they want to share it with the world.

Most jockeys write about their routines with horses, their training practices, diets, etc. This is a unique insight into the lives of professional athletes. However, most importantly, they tell us about the sport itself and its meaning for them and the fans. Horse racing is one of the oldest sports. Its roots go deep into the Western culture. All jockeys are glad to remind people about the beautiful traditions and rich history of horse racing.

Financial benefits

It’s not a secret that blogging brings money. So why won’t professional jockeys start blogging to bring some extra cash on the side? Successful blogs can become impressive businesses on their own. Of course, they take a lot of work. Yet, the results can be worth it. You may not even be a professional jockey to have a successful and profitable blog. Even beginners can do a great job at telling people about jockeys' lives and tough work. In fact, it may be an even better angel - learning about the sport along with the blogger-beginner.

Overall, many people start blogging with the goal of turning it into a profitable business. Fortunately, jockeys already have an interesting niche to write in - horses, sports, athletes. All of these topics are unique, which minimizes competition and leaves more room for success. In other words, an inside look at jockeys’ lives will sell, and it will sell well.

Why wouldn’t they?

Last but not least, why wouldn’t jockeys keep blogs? The whole world loves creating and reading blogs. People love sharing things that they find interesting. Besides, blogging is a pretty common form of self-expression. People may start blogging when they have a lot to say to the world or when they are simply bored. Lastly, it can be a simple way to spend your pastime. After all, blogging is easy, and it happens on your terms. Overall, there are numerous reasons why someone chooses blogging as a hobby or even a second profession.

In addition, most professional jockeys are also happy to share insightful information about their lives and jobs. Also, such an insight can even help those who want to learn more about the profession. Students are ready to pay for essay writing to learn the information they need. Yet, such professional blogs can already serve as a reliable source of information. Thus, by blogging, jockeys share what they find meaningful, important, or just funny about their occupation with people all over the world. When you love something, you don’t want to keep it only to yourself. That’s what blogging is for.

Creative outlet

We all have a creative side to us. So do professional jockeys. Blogging is a perfect form to find that creativity in yourself. People get to make posts, interesting headlines, get creative with the words, choose exciting topics, find or take photos, etc. Thus, blogging combines many forms of creative thinking, which gives people enough room for self-expression.

The lives of professional jockeys are full of challenges. They spend most of their days preparing for the races. It’s a demanding and tough job. Perhaps, by blogging, jockeys get to relax and reflect on their lives as professional athletes.

Bottom line

Blogging is an incredibly popular hobby these days. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that even professional athletes are getting into blogging. After all, such pages always find their audiences. Professional jockeys didn’t become an exception here. There are many jockeys out there who keep popular blogs. They write about their professions, horses, training, and anything else they find valuable to share.

For the athletes, such writing is a form of self-expression and a way to explain the beautiful and competitive world of horse racing. Sure, there won’t be just one reason why all blogging jockeys keep their sites. Yet, it’s possible to assume they do it because they enjoy it.