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Monday 4th April 2022
The Must Have Mobile Entertainment to Take to The Track

You might have an enjoyable day planned for the racetrack, and it’s bound to be exciting, but be prepared for some downtime. The time between the races that you’ve got interested in, the wait in queues and the travel time it takes to get there will all be time that you can spend doing something else. The following forms of additional mobile entertainment are the mobile must-haves you must have with you on a day at the track.

Must-have mobile apps/quizzes

There are a few mobile apps that you just must have with you, the top trends are the latest word puzzles, such as Wordle, and any games that you are able to play offline, just in case there is no signal or access to your mobile data. Puzzles and quizzes are great entertainment and will go a long way to ensuring that the day at the races is constant fun, even if none of your horses win.

Online casino games

Being able to play the slots while you wait for the next race or popping into the casino for a bit of blackjack over the tea break means that you won’t be twiddling your thumbs. Furthermore, you won’t be placing unnecessary bets on horses that you don’t know and haven’t researched. There are a number of great casinos that you can take with you, and as long as there is a variety of games like those at  where you can play professional poker, slots, and more and will be surprised to find a number of horse racing themed slots and Slingo.

The latest local news

Being able to take the latest local news, including all the racing news and odds tables for the day, are great reads to take with you to the track. You can have all this on your mobile device and if the phone screen is a bit too small, then consider taking a tablet or e-reader to make the time spent checking and reading the news simple and straightforward.

Your streaming movie apps

The fact that you can stream a movie, your favorite series, cartoons, and even the horse racing that’s happening at a track in another part of the country means that streaming services are an option to take with you. Simply ensure that you have the requisite data allowances or know the Wi-Fi codes for the venues you are in. Then simply log on to Netflix, Disney prime, and enjoy the daytime television, sport, and more. The last piece of advice in this regard is to consider taking a larger screen than your mobile phone to make watching easier and more enjoyable.

A day at the track can be the best fun that you will have. But do keep in mind that there will indeed be times when you have to create your own entertainment or just pass the time until the faces that you really want to watch. The tips and ideas mentioned herein will keep you entertained, and the race day will be all the fun that you want and more.